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Hochberg, R. 2009. Gastrotricha of the Gulf of Mexico, Pp. 1105–1110 in Felder, D.L. and D.K. Camp (eds.), Gulf of Mexico–Origins, Waters, and Biota. Biodiversity. Texas A&M Press, College Station, Texas.
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Acanthodasys aculeatus Remane, 1927 (additional source)
Aspidiophorus mediterraneus Remane, 1927 (additional source)
Aspidiophorus paramediterraneus Hummon, 1974 (additional source)
Cephalodasys turbanelloides (Boaden, 1960) (additional source)
Chaetonotus (Marinochaetus) apolemmus Hummon, Balsamo & Todaro, 1992 (additional source)
Chaetonotus (Schizochaetonotus) atrox Wilke, 1954 (additional source)
Chaetonotus (Schizochaetonotus) dispar Wilke, 1954 (additional source)
Dactylopodola typhle (Remane, 1927) (additional source)
Dolichodasys carolinensis Ruppert & Shaw, 1977 (additional source)
Dolichodasys elongatus Gagne, 1977 (additional source)
Draculiciteria tesselata (Renaud Mornant, 1968) (additional source)
Halichaetonotus aculifer (Gerlach, 1953) (additional source)
Halichaetonotus decipiens (Remane, 1929) (additional source)
Halichaetonotus margaretae Hummon, Balsamo & Todaro, 1992 (additional source)
Halichaetonotus paradoxus (Remane, 1927) (additional source)
Halichaetonotus spinosus Mock, 1979 accepted as Halichaetonotus euromarinus Hummon & Todaro, 2010 (additional source)
Heterolepidoderma loricatum Schrom, 1972 (additional source)
Heteroxenotrichula pygmaea (Remane, 1934) (additional source)
Heteroxenotrichula squamosa Wilke, 1954 (additional source)
Pseudostomella roscovita Swedmark, 1956 (additional source)
Tetranchyroderma sardum Todaro, Balsamo & Tongiorgi, 1988 (additional source)
Turbanella ambronensis Remane, 1943 (additional source)
Turbanella bocqueti Kaplan, 1958 sensu Boaden, 1974 (additional source)
Xenotrichula intermedia Remane, 1934 (additional source)
Xenotrichula lineata Schrom, 1972 (additional source)
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