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There is considerable confusion regarding the identity of the Indo-Pacific species of Siphonaria introduced into the Mediterranean. There are three distinct reports: in the Suez Canal (Tillier and Bavay, 1905, as Siphonaria sipho Sowerby, 1824, and Moazzo, 1939, as Siphonaria laciniosa (Linnaeus, 1758), on the Israeli coast (Barash & Danin, 1973, as Siphonaria kurracheensis Reeve, 1856 and Morrison, 1972, as Siphonaria laciniosa), and more recently in the Bay of Iskenderun, SE Turkey (Albayrak & Çeviker, 2001, and Albayrak & Çağlar, 2006, as Siphonaria belcheri). It is unclear whether all reports refer or not to the same species. Zenetos et al. (2003) subsumed all Mediterranean records to the Red Sea species Siphonaria crenata Blainville, 1827 but this has yet to be ascertained. The only established population seems to be that of SE Turkey, which Albayrak & Çağlar (2006) claim to be introduced by shipping like several other aliens in that area and not spread out of the Red Sea. Delongueville & Scaillet (2010) reported (as Siphonaria crenata) the Turkish population to be thriving, but did not conclude on whether only one species is present.
Albayrak, S.; Çağlar, S. (2006). On the presence of <i>Siphonaria belcheri</i> Hanley, 1858 [Gastropoda: Siphonariidae] and <i>Septifer bilocularis</i> (Linnaeus, 1758) [Bivalvia: Mytilidae] in the Iskenderun Bay (SE Turkey). <em>Aquatic Invasions.</em> 1(4): 292-294. OpenAccess publication
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