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King, C.M.; Roberts, C.D.; Bell, B.D.; Fordyce, R.E.; Nicoll, R.S.; Worthy, T.H.; Paulin, C.D.; Hitchmough, R.A.; Keyes, I.W.; Baker, A.N.; Stewart, A.L.; Hiller, N.; McDowall, R.M.; Holdaway, R.N.; McPhee, R.P.; Schwarzhans, W.W.; Tennyson, A.J.D.; Rust, S.; Macadie, I. (2009). Phylum Chordata: lancelets, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, in: Gordon, D.P. (Ed.) (2009). New Zealand inventory of biodiversity: 1. Kingdom Animalia: Radiata, Lophotrochozoa, Deuterostomia. pp. 431-554.
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Abudefduf vaigiensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) (additional source)
Acanthocybium Gill, 1862 (additional source)
Acanthocybium solandri (Cuvier, 1832) (additional source)
Ahliesaurus berryi Bertelsen, Krefft & Marshall, 1976 (additional source)
Aldrovandia affinis (Günther, 1877) (additional source)
Alepisaurus brevirostris Gibbs, 1960 (additional source)
Alepisaurus ferox Lowe, 1833 (additional source)
Alepocephalus Risso, 1820 (additional source)
Alepocephalus australis Barnard, 1923 (additional source)
Allocyttus verrucosus (Gilchrist, 1906) (additional source)
Alopias Rafinesque, 1810 (additional source)
Alopias superciliosus Lowe, 1841 (additional source)
Alopias vulpinus (Bonnaterre, 1788) (additional source)
Aluterus monoceros (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Aluterus scriptus (Osbeck, 1765) (additional source)
Amblyraja hyperborea (Collett, 1879) (additional source)
Anas acuta Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Anas clypeata Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Anas platyrhynchos Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Anoplogaster cornuta (Valenciennes, 1833) (additional source)
Anotopterus pharao Zugmayer, 1911 (additional source)
Antennarius nummifer (Cuvier, 1817) accepted as Antennatus nummifer (Cuvier, 1817) (additional source)
Antigonia Lowe, 1843 (additional source)
Antimora rostrata (Günther, 1878) (additional source)
Aphyonus Günther, 1878 (additional source)
Apristurus Garman, 1913 (additional source)
Apterichtus Duméril, 1806 (additional source)
Arctozenus risso (Bonaparte, 1840) (additional source)
Arenaria interpres (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Argyropelecus aculeatus Valenciennes, 1850 (additional source)
Argyropelecus gigas Norman, 1930 (additional source)
Argyropelecus hemigymnus Cocco, 1829 (additional source)
Argyropelecus olfersi (Cuvier, 1829) accepted as Argyropelecus olfersii (Cuvier, 1829) (additional source)
Astronesthes Richardson, 1845 (additional source)
Atherinomorus Fowler, 1903 (additional source)
Atherinomorus lacunosus (Forster, 1801) (additional source)
Auxis thazard (Lacepède, 1800) represented as Auxis thazard thazard (Lacepède, 1800) (additional source)
Avocettina infans (Günther, 1878) (additional source)
Bajacalifornia megalops (Lütken, 1898) (additional source)
Balaenoptera Lacépède, 1804 (additional source)
Balaenoptera acutorostrata Lacépède, 1804 (additional source)
Balaenoptera borealis Lesson, 1828 (additional source)
Balaenoptera edeni Anderson, 1878 (additional source)
Balaenoptera musculus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Balaenoptera physalus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Barathronus Goode & Bean, 1886 (additional source)
Bartramia longicauda (Bechstein, 1812) (additional source)
Bassozetus Gill, 1883 (additional source)
Bathophilus brevis Regan & Trewavas, 1930 (additional source)
Bathygadus Günther, 1878 (additional source)
Bathylagichthys greyae (Cohen, 1958) (additional source)
Bathylagus Günther, 1878 (additional source)
Bathylagus longirostris Maul, 1948 accepted as Dolicholagus longirostris (Maul, 1948) (additional source)
Bathyraja richardsoni (Garrick, 1961) (additional source)
Bathysaurus ferox Günther, 1878 (additional source)
Bathytroctes Günther, 1878 (additional source)
Benthalbella Zugmayer, 1911 (additional source)
Benthalbella infans Zugmayer, 1911 (additional source)
Benthodesmus Goode & Bean, 1882 (additional source)
Benthodesmus elongatus (Clarke, 1879) (additional source)
Benthosema Goode & Bean, 1896 (additional source)
Benthosema suborbitale (Gilbert, 1913) (additional source)
Beryx decadactylus Cuvier, 1829 (additional source)
Beryx splendens Lowe, 1834 (additional source)
Bodianus Bloch, 1790 (additional source)
Bolinichthys supralateralis (Parr, 1928) (additional source)
Borostomias antarcticus (Lönnberg, 1905) (additional source)
Borostomias mononema (Regan & Trewavas, 1929) (additional source)
Brama brama (Bonnaterre, 1788) (additional source)
Branta canadensis (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Brotulotaenia crassa Parr, 1934 (additional source)
Bulweria bulwerii (Jardine & Selby, 1828) (additional source)
Calidris acuminata (Horsfield, 1821) (additional source)
Calidris alba (Pallas, 1764) (additional source)
Calidris alpina (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Calidris bairdii (Coues, 1861) (additional source)
Calidris canutus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Calidris ferruginea (Pontoppidan, 1763) (additional source)
Calidris mauri (Cabanis, 1857) (additional source)
Calidris melanotos (Vieillot, 1819) (additional source)
Calidris ruficollis (Pallas, 1776) (additional source)
Calidris tenuirostris (Horsfield, 1821) (additional source)
Calonectris diomedea (Scopoli, 1769) (additional source)
Carapus Rafinesque, 1810 (additional source)
Carcharhinus brachyurus (Günther, 1870) (additional source)
Carcharhinus falciformis (Müller & Henle, 1839) (additional source)
Carcharhinus galapagensis (Snodgrass & Heller, 1905) (additional source)
Carcharhinus longimanus (Poey, 1861) (additional source)
Carcharhinus obscurus (Lesueur, 1818) (additional source)
Carcharias Rafinesque, 1810 (additional source)
Carcharodon carcharias (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Caretta caretta (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Caristius Gill & Smith, 1905 (additional source)
Cataetyx Günther, 1887 (additional source)
Catharacta skua Brünnich, 1764 accepted as Stercorarius skua (Brünnich, 1764) (additional source)
Centrobranchus nigroocellatus (Günther, 1873) (additional source)
Centrolophus niger (Gmelin, 1789) (additional source)
Centrophorus Müller & Henle, 1837 (additional source)
Centrophorus squamosus (Bonnaterre, 1788) (additional source)
Centroscyllium Müller & Henle, 1841 (additional source)
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