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Jeffreys J.G. 1883. On the Mollusca procured during the 'Lightning' and 'Porcupine' expeditions 1868-70. (Part V). Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1882: 656-687, pl. 49-50.
issued April, 1883 according to Duncan (1937)
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Addisonia eccentros Jeffreys, 1883 accepted as Addisonia excentrica (Tiberi, 1855) (original description)
Cadulus amphora Jeffreys, 1883 (original description)
Cadulus gibbus Jeffreys, 1883 (original description)
Chiton rarinota Jeffreys, 1883 accepted as Leptochiton rarinota (Jeffreys, 1883) (original description)
Emarginula decussata Philippi, 1844 † accepted as Emarginula crassa J. Sowerby, 1813 (source of synonymy)
Emarginula gigantea Seguenza, 1863 † accepted as Emarginula crassa J. Sowerby, 1813 (source of synonymy)
Fissurisepta granulosa Jeffreys, 1883 (original description)
Propilidium ancyloides (Forbes, 1840) accepted as Propilidium exiguum (W. Thompson, 1844) (basis of record)
Propilidium compressum Jeffreys, 1883 (original description)
Propilidium pertenue Jeffreys, 1883 accepted as Copulabyssia tenuis (Monterosato, 1880) (original description)
Propilidium scabrosum Jeffreys, 1883 accepted as Propilidium exiguum (W. Thompson, 1844) (original description)
Puncturella clathrata Jeffreys, 1883 accepted as Puncturella plecta R. B. Watson, 1883 (original description)
Rostrisepta parva Seguenza G., 1866 accepted as Propilidium exiguum (W. Thompson, 1844) (source of synonymy)
Siphonodentalium teres Jeffreys, 1883 accepted as Pulsellum teres (Jeffreys, 1883) (original description)
Tectura adunca Jeffreys, 1883 (original description)
Tectura galeola Jeffreys, 1883 (original description)
Tectura pusilla Jeffreys, 1883 (original description)
Tectura rugosa Jeffreys, 1883 accepted as Iothia fulva (O. F. Müller, 1776) (original description)
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