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Schuurmans Stekhoven, J. H. Jr. (1954). IX. Vrijlevende Nematoden. Veranderingen in de Flora en Fauna van de Zuiderzee (thans Ijsselmeer) na de afsluiting in 1932. 169-185.
Schuurmans Stekhoven, J. H. Jr.
IX. Vrijlevende Nematoden
Veranderingen in de Flora en Fauna van de Zuiderzee (thans Ijsselmeer) na de afsluiting in 1932
Locality: ; Cabinet:n1719; NeMys doc_id: 4124
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Adoncholaimus fuscus (Bastian, 1865) Filipjev, 1918 (additional source)
Adoncholaimus thalassophygas (de Man, 1876) Filipjev, 1918 (additional source)
Anticoma limalis Bastian, 1865 accepted as Anticoma acuminata (Eberth, 1863) Bastian, 1865 (ecology source)
Araeolaimus elegans de Man, 1888 (ecology source)
Chromadora nudicapitata (Bastian, 1865) (ecology source)
Cyatholaimus simulatus Kreis, 1924 (additional source)
Desmodora microchaeta Allgén, 1929 (ecology source)
Desmodora scaldensis de Man, 1889 (ecology source)
Desmoscolex minutus Claparède, 1863 (ecology source)
Dichromadora Kreis, 1929 (ecology source)
Dichromadora hyalocheile De Coninck & Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1933 (ecology source)
Enoplus brevis Bastian, 1865 (additional source)
Enoplus communis Bastian, 1865 (additional source)
Halalaimus de Man, 1888 (ecology source)
Halalaimus gracilis de Man, 1888 (additional source)
Halichoanolaimus robustus (Bastian, 1865) de Man, 1886 (additional source)
Krampia acropora Ditlevsen, 1921 (ecology source)
Metachromadora vivipara (de Man, 1907) accepted as Chromadoropsis vivipara (de Man, 1907) (ecology source)
Metalinhomoeus filicaudatus (Allgén, 1930) (ecology source)
Microlaimus acuticaudatus Schuurmans Stekhoven & De Coninck, 1933 (ecology source)
Microlaimus globiceps de Man, 1880 (additional source)
Microlaimus honestus De Man, 1922 (op. Kovalyev & Tchesunov, 2005) (additional source)
Microlaimus tenuispiculum de Man, 1922 accepted as Molgolaimus demani (De Man, 1922) Jensen, 1978 (additional source)
Microlaimus zosterae Allgén, 1930 (ecology source)
Monhystera disjuncta (Bastian, 1865) accepted as Halomonhystera disjuncta (Bastian, 1865) Andrassy, 2006 (ecology source)
Monhystera macramphis Filipjev, 1929 (ecology source)
Monhystera refringens Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1935 accepted as Thalassomonhystera refringens (Bresslau & Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1935) (ecology source)
Odontophora armata (Ditlevsen, 1918) Allgén, 1929 (ecology source)
Oncholaimus attenuatus Dujardin, 1845 (ecology source)
Oncholaimus oxyuris Ditlevsen, 1911 (ecology source)
Oncholaimus skawensis Ditlevsen, 1921 (ecology source)
Paracanthonchus caecus (Bastian, 1865) Micoletzky, 1924 (additional source)
Paracanthonchus spectabilis Allgén, 1931 (ecology source)
Paracyatholaimus intermedius (de Man, 1880) Micoletzky, 1922 (ecology source)
Paralinhomoeus de Man, 1907 accepted as Linhomoeus Bastian, 1865 (ecology source)
Sabatieria punctata (Kreis, 1924) (ecology source)
Sabatieria tenuicaudata (Bastian) (ecology source)
Siphonolaimus niger de Man, 1893 (ecology source)
Southernia zosterae Allgén, 1929 accepted as Cyartonema zosterae (Allgén, 1929) Juario, 1972 (ecology source)
Spilophorella paradoxa (de Man, 1888) Filipjev, 1917 accepted as Spilophorella campbelli Allgén, 1928 (additional source)
Syringolaimus striatocaudatus de Man, 1888 (ecology source)
Theristus acer (Bastian, 1865) (ecology source)
Tricoma steineri de Man, 1922 (ecology source)
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