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Benayahu, Y (1993). Corals of the South-west Indian Ocean. I. Alcyonacea from Sodwana Bay, South Africa. Oceanographic Research Institute, Investigational Report No. 67. 16 pp.
Used for taxonomy only - does not list distribution records outside South Africa.
A list of 37 species of Alcyonacea is presented for the coral reefs of Sodwana Bay in Southern Natal, South Africa, including two new species. The latter are Sinularia schleyeri and Efflatounaria sodwanae, both of which are described and illustrated. This is the first description of an Efflatounaria species using scanning electron microscopy, revealing the fine structure of its platelets. In addition, a description of Anthelia flava (May, 1899) is also given and the structure of its sclerites, presented by scanning electron microscopy, indicates that they are unique in structure, consisting of needle-like skeletal units.
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Anthelia Lamarck, 1816 (additional source)
Sympodium Ehrenberg, 1834 (basis of record)
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