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Language Name Name source
EnglishArctic OceanIHO 23-3rd: Limits of Oceans and Seas, Special Publication 23, 3rd Edition 1953, published by the International Hydrographic Organization.   
PlaceType IHO Sea Area 
Latitude 84° 51' 53.6" N (84.86488603°)  
Longitude 5° 12' 9.3" W (-5.20258346°)  
Precision 1037105 meter 
Min. Lat 71° 23' 15" N (71.3875°)  
Min. Long 180° 0' 0" W (-180°)  
Max. Lat 90° 0' 0" N (90°)  
Max. Long 180° 0' 0" E (180°)  
Source IHO 23-3rd: Limits of Oceans and Seas, Special Publication 23, 3rd Edition 1953, published by the International Hydrographic Organization.
Part of  World Oceans (World)  [view hierarchy]   
Shapefile [download] or view the complete IHO Sea Area shapefile
Datasets covering
the whole area
Alaska Ocean Observing System
Arctic Register of Marine Species
Canadian Register of Marine Species
Deep-sea Meiobenthos
European Ocean Biogeographic Information System
European Register of Marine Species version 1
MANUELA Database
Nematodes of the central Arctic Ocean
Oslo database (Marbef Theme 1 workshop)
Datasets covering
part of the area
Arctic Benthic Fauna (Svalbard)
Arctic hard-bottom fauna [Jan Mayen I.] (Jan Mayen)
Arctic hard-bottom fauna [Svalbard] (Svalbard)
Arctic Meiofauna Succession (Svalbard)
Arctic soft-sediment macrobenthos (Svalbard)
Atlas of the Marine Fauna of Southern Spitzbergen (Spitsbergen)
Benthic fauna around Franz Josef Land (Franz Jozef Land)
Benthic Fauna in the Barents Sea (Barentsz Sea)
Benthic fauna in the Kara Sea (Kara Sea)
Benthic fauna in the Pechora Sea (Pechora Sea)
Benthic fauna of Spitsbergen fjords (Spitsbergen)
BIODAFF (IOPAS-PML) (Spitsbergen)
BIODAFF (PML-AWI) (Barentsz Sea, Svalbard)
BIODAFF (PML-IOPAS) (Spitsbergen)
BIODAFF (PML-Tromso) (Spitsbergen)
Clamshell mapping (Jan Mayen, Svalbard)
Environmental survey in the Isfjorden complex (Spitsbergen)
ICES EcoSystemData (Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea)
Kamchatka crab monitoring (Barentsz Sea)
Kongsfjorden monitoring data - grid - 2006 (Spitsbergen)
Kongsfjorden monitoring data of soft bottom benthos (Svalbard)
Kongsfjorden/Spitsbergen - soft bottom fauna (Spitsbergen)
Macrobenthos from the Norwegian waters (Norwegian Sea)
Meiobenthos and nematodes from the continental shelf of the Laptev Sea (Laptev Sea)
Meiofauna from Kongsfjord (Spitsbergen Arctic) (Spitsbergen)
Nematodes from Kongsfjord, Svalbard (Svalbard)
North East Atlantic Taxa (Norwegian Sea)
Offshore ref. stations, North/Norwegian sea (Norwegian Sea, Barentsz Sea)
Offshore reference stations (Finnmark) (Barentsz Sea)
Offshore reference stations, Norwegian/Barents Sea (Norwegian Sea, Barentsz Sea)
Oslo database (Marbef Theme 1 workshop) (Pechora Sea)
Polish Arctic Marine Programme (Svalbard)
Soft bottom fauna in Balsfjord, northern Norway (Balsfjord)
Soft bottom fauna in the Barents Sea (Barentsz Sea)
Svalbard Tidal Zone data (Svalbard)
Tidal Zone Project (Spitsbergen)
Trondheimsfjord benthos monitoring (Trondheimsfjorden)
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