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Flag of Norway
2 stars - De facto protected because of geographical conditions and location
Normal Focal Site

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Sørfjorden, Hardanger. Photo: B Faafeng

Synoptic description of site:

Fjords along the Western coast of Norway with a wide variety of interesting and diverse habitats.

Extensive description of site:

Several fjords at the Western Coast of Norway like Hardangerfjorden, Sognefjorden and others are long, deep fjords with shallow mouths and deep basins inside. Exchange of water is normally only possible within the top water layers.

Habitats present:
Littoral  X
SublittoralX X
Seagrass beds 

Description of fauna and flora:

The flora and fauna have been investigated in several of the fjords, but there are no ongoing continuous programs for monitoring of the biota.

Human impact:

Most of the fjords are hardly exposed to pollution from human activities. However, the freshwater run-off is regulated through power plant developments.


In Bergen there are fully equipped laboratories for marine biodiversity research. Several seagoing research vessels are available.

Available database and website:

Databases containing lists of flora and fauna are available at several research institutes. They all have their own websites.

Commitment and ongoing research:

The Institute of Marine Research, University of Bergen and NIVA (Norwegian Water Research Institute) located in Bergen and Sogn og Fjordane University College (HSF) located in Sogndal are conducting biodiversity research in some of the fjords in Western Norway.