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8th International Phycological Congress 2005

Location: Durban (South Africa)
Event Type: Meeting
Event Date: 2005-08-13    
End Date: 2005-08-19

Event Description:
The International Phycological Conference in Durban South Africa covers a range of topics in algal biology including population genetics, phylogenetics, genomics, ecology, physiology, biological clocks, biomineralization, photosynthesis, stress responses and symbiosis, effects of climate change on algae, effects of invasive species on resident communities and socioeconomic impacts of algal cultivation.

All the specifics about the scientific and organizational aspects of the conference can be found in the pdf file of the second circular.

MarBEF is sponsoring this conference. This means that 1 participant from each MarBEF member can book his/her Travel and Subsistence costs to a maximum of 1000 Euro to attend the conference at the (member's own) account of MarBEF (PLEASE NOTE that there is a LIMIT of 1 participant per MarBEF member institute who may offset their costs using this 1000 Euro; also the MarBEF members should ensure that the sum of external activities does not exceed 20 % of their total T&S budget in MarBEF).

Please contact Wiebe Kooistra for more information on the conference and send him a copy of your abstract so that he can list them in the final report to MarBEF.

Contact email:

Event programme:
Topics and chairs

A1 Genetics and ecology of invading seaweeds (Gabrielle Procacini & Rui O P Santos)
A2 Biological Clocks (Maria Mittag)
A3 Interfacing molecular and morphological data in algal systematics (Christine Maggs)
B1 Ecological and socio-economic impacts of micro-and macroalgal cultivation (Alan Critchley)
B2 Genomics in algae: comparative and functional (Chris Bowler)
B3 Biomineralisation in phytoplankton; unraveling the molecular and chemical mechanisms (Engel G Vrieling)
C1 Climate change and algae (Stephen C Maberley)
C2 Algal photosynthesis: From Calvin to today (Francis-Andre Wollman)
C3 Algal symbiosis in reef-building corals (Andrew Baker)
D1 Algal adhesion; biofilms and molecular basis (Jim Callow)
D2 Population biology of phytoplankton; life history and genetics (Wiebe H.C.F. Kooistra & Klaus Valentin)
D3 Algae and Stress; molecular to ecological (Anita G J Buma)

Collaborators and organisers:
The local organisers are listed here.

Organiser from within MarBEF: Wiebe H.C.F. Kooistra
Stazione Zoologica, Villa Comunale
80121 Naples, Italy
New Tel: (0039)-081-5833271
Fax: (0039)-081-7641355
New E-mail:

Website url:

Registration form:

Registration fee: 

Relevant costs that should be taken by MARBEF: 3200 ZAR 

Possibility for day-care centres (facilities for children): No

MarBEF supported event: Yes

Event within Framework of MARBEF: (none)

Maximum number of participants: 

External participants (non MARBEF) allowed: Yes

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