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The 4th Algal Virus Workshop

Location: KNAW, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Event Type: Workshop
Event Date: 2005-04-17    
End Date: 2005-04-21

Event Description:
MarBEF sponsors the Algal Virus Workshop. From each MarBEF member one person can use the institute's MarBEF budget to reimburse Travel & Subsistence costs (remind that members may not spend more than 20% of their T&S budget to external activities).

Main objectives of the Workshop:

As elegantly stated during the first Algal Virus Workshop in Norway in 1998, the idea behind this workshop is to establish a forum where we can meet and pursue the study of algal viruses (including cyanophages). We like to:

Present and discuss the most recent results in the field (marine as well as freshwater)
Exchange ideas and discuss approaches, methods and problems of common interest
Conducive to personal contact and future collaboration
Promote this field of research

The numerical dominance of viruses in aquatic environments is acknowledged the last decades, and it becomes evident that viruses are important regulating factors in aquatic ecosystems. With algae at the base of aquatic food webs, the study of viruses infecting algae is warranted. From different research backgrounds we are beginning to comprehend the impact of viruses on algal population dynamics, strain and species diversity, and gene transfer. The research is rapidly evolving aided by molecular techniques and genomics. The ecological importance of a viral shunt for organic carbon and nutrient fluxes greatly affected current aquatic ecosystem modelling. Applied issues that are studied lately include the significance of viral control of harmful algal blooms and the role of viral lysis in global climate change.

Sharing the common interest of algal viruses as research field has led to the recurrent organization of the international Algal Virus Workshop.

Sessions during this meeting carry out major research lines in algal virus ecology, highlighted by invited keynote speakers.

The organizing committee encourages you to join us and present your latest research as oral and/or poster presentation.

Social events are scheduled to provide an appropiate atmosphere and numerous opportunities to interact with colleagues and friends.

The final deadline is 1 March 2005, but to make use of the reduced registration fee one has to register before 15 January 2005.

Contact email:

Event programme:
Keynote lectures on dedicated topic will be presented by:

Prof. G. Bratbak, University Bergen, Norway
- Methodology

Dr. C. Brussaard, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Netherlands
- Viral control of population dynamics - mortality rates, geochemical cycling

Dr. K. Nagasaki, National Research Institute of Fisheries and Environment of Inland Sea, Japan
- Virus characterization and virus-host interactions

Prof. C. Suttle, University British Columbia, Canada
- Viral control of population dynamics - virus and host diversity

Prof. J. Van Etten, University Nebraska, USA
- Closing lecture 'Ins and outs of a quarter of century algal virology'

Dr. W. Wilson, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
- Molecular algal virus ecology

Please check the web site for recent updates on the scientific program.

Collaborators and organisers:
Local organisers:
Dr. Corina Brussaard - Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NWO)
Dr. Herman Gons- Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), Centre for Limnology

Scientific Committee
Prof. G. Bratbak, University of Bergen, Norway
Dr. C. Brussaard, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Netherlands
Dr. K. Nagasaki, National Research Institute of Fisheries and Environment of Inland Sea, Japan
Prof. C. Suttle, Univerisity of British Columbia, Canada
Dr. W. Wilson, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

Corina Brussaard
Royal NIOZ
Department of Biological Oceanography
P.O. Box 59
1790 AB Den Burg, Texel
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)222-369300
Fax: +31 (0)222-319674

Website url:

Registration form:

Registration fee: 300-350-400 euro

Relevant costs that should be taken by MARBEF:  

Possibility for day-care centres (facilities for children): No

MarBEF supported event: Yes

Event within Framework of MARBEF: WP4 - Functionality

Maximum number of participants: 

External participants (non MARBEF) allowed: Yes

Posted by wardappeltans on 2005-01-03 and approved by webmaster