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Theme 1 Workshop at Crete

Location: Crete
Event Type: Workshop
Event Date: 2005-10-24    
End Date: 2005-10-28

Event Description:
Goal: Analysis of spatial patterns of diversity from soft benthic data collected from MarBEF partners

This workshop is a continuation of the Oslo meeting (OWS) in March 2005. The database from the OWS consists of a large set of quantitative data which ranges from the Arctic to the eastern Mediterranean with all sample sites geo-referenced in a GIS system. The meeting in Oslo was a small workshop with invited specialist to quality control the database and try out initial analyses to check the performance and usability of the database. This workshop in Crete is open to all MarBEF partners to discuss spatial patterns. We are planning to have half of the workshop devoted to analyses of the new database and half to presentations and discussions of spatial patterns of diversity. Analyses of data will be carried out at over large biogeographical areas across Europe with working groups in:

a) Analysis of pattern
b) Modeling
c) Taxonomic distinctness
d) Functional diversity

The overall objective for Theme 1 is to understand how marine biodiversity varies across spatial and temporal scales, and between levels of biological organization in order to develop methods to detect significant change.
To help us reach our goal questions/hypotheses were posed during the Oslo meeting. These are:

1. How do functional characteristics vary in different areas? What are the number of species within different functional groups and how do they vary over European waters?
2. Are there differences between offshore and coastal benthic assemblages in structure and functional processes?
3. What are the relationships between functional traits and productivity?
4. How do major water masses influence benthic diversity? (e.g. Arctic, Mediterranean etc)
5. Are there spatial and temporal correlations in assemblage structure?
6. How are local and regional species pools defined in a European marine context?
7. How do species abundance patterns vary across geographical areas? Species-area relationships in European soft sediment assemblages in relation to scale/extent and in relation to traits (e.g. larval modes).
8. What are the range size estimates for marine species across Europe, (we do not have many for European marine soft sediment species).
9. Is biodiversity of Arctic really lower than at lower latitudes?
10. Are there differences in structure between marine and terrestrial/freshwater systems? (This will need collaboration with terrestrial ecologists).

Please register by filling-in the registration form before 1 September 2005 to Annelise Fleddum:

All soft bottom data most be sent to Edward Vanden Berghe soon as possible (see dataformat)

Deatils of the Quantitative Database and declarations of mutual understanding of data sharing is available to download. Click:
DMU Data Sharing

Contact email:

Event programme:

Collaborators and organisers:
Collaborators and organisers:
Christos Arvanitidis, HCMR, Greece
John Gray and Annelise Fleddum, UO, Norway
Edward Vanden Berghe, VLIZ, Belgium

Website url: 

Registration form:

Registration fee: contact organisers

Relevant costs that should be taken by MARBEF:  

Possibility for day-care centres (facilities for children): No

MarBEF supported event: Yes

Event within Framework of MARBEF: WP1 - Data Integration

Maximum number of participants: 

External participants (non MARBEF) allowed: Yes

Posted by wardappeltans on 2005-04-22 and approved by webmaster