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International Workshop on Applied Aspects of Marine Parasitology

Location: Horta (Azores, Portugal)
Event Type: Workshop
Event Date: 2006-05-21    
End Date: 2006-05-24

Event Description:
An International Workshop on Applied Aspects of Marine Parasitology will be held in Horta (Azores, Portugal) between 21-24 of May, 2006. This workshop is organized by the IMAR – Centre of the IMAR of the University of the Azores, the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries (DOP), the Sea Sciences Center of the Algarve (CCMAR) and the Sea and Environment Sciences Faculty of the University of the Algarve.
The international workshop on “Applied Aspects of Marine Parasitology”, with an emphasis on parasites as biological tags, is an initiative designed as part of the activities of CCMAR and IMAR/DOP sponsored by different institutions. The aim of this initiative is to promote the capability of students, scientists and technicians to apply different methodologies in population dynamic studies that are currently being developed and to improve the general knowledge about the parasites occurring in the region.
The study of marine parasites has become very important, more holistic and more international in recent years; therefore this is a good opportunity to exchange information between colleagues and to promote interdisciplinarity in Marine Parasitology.
The importance of this workshop is enhanced by our intention to perform a preliminary parasitological survey of the most commercially important species that are captured around the Azores, about which little is known.
The workshop will focus on laboratory exercises as well as lectures to cover essential methods, practical tips and different sampling approaches for studying marine parasites under a different perspective.

Contact email:

Event programme:
Infectious Disease Trends in Natural Marine Communities
Doctor Kevin D. Lafferty

The Use of Marine Parasites in Fish Population Studies
Doctor Mario George- Nascimento

Parasites of Fish and Risks to [Public] Health
Doctor Rod Wootten

Marine parasites as indicators of pollution
Professor Harford H. Williams

Emerging parasitic diseases in Mariculture
Doctor Willy Hemmingsen

Metazoan Parasites as Indicators of Elasmobranch Biology
Professor Janine Caira

Deep-sea Fish Parasites
Doctor Sven Klimpel

Marine Parasitology in Portugal
Doctor Graça Costa

Laboratory Procedures to Study Fish Parasitology
Doctor Maria João Santos

The most common fish parasites found in Faial fish market
Dr. Sara Mesquita

Parasites as Cause of Rejection in Portuguese Fish Markets
Dr. Luísa Monteiro

Fish Quality Regulation and Legislation
Dr. Leonor Nunes

Fish Disease Control in the Fish Market

Marine parasites as biological tags in European waters. Two successful EU funded multidisciplinary projects
Doctor Ken MacKenzie

Financing Marine Parasitology studies

Interdisciplinarity in Marine Parasitology
Doctor David Marcogliese

Collaborators and organisers:
Isabel Afonso-Dias (CCMAR/Universidade do Algarve Portugal)
Gui Menezes (IMAR/DOP-Universidade dos Açores, Portugal)
Ken MacKenzie (Universidade de Aberdeen, Scotland)

Centro de Ciências do Mar do Algarve (CCMAR)
FCMA, Universidade do Algarve,
Campus de Gambelas,
8005-139 Faro
Phone +351 289 800051
Fax +351 289 800069

Centro do IMAR da Universidade dos Açores (IMAR/DOP)
Departamento de Oceanografia e Pescas (DOP), Universidade dos Açores,
Cais de Sta. Cruz,
9001-862 Horta
Phone +351 292200400
Fax +351 292200411

School of Biological Sciences
Zoology Building, University of Aberdeen
Tillydrone Avenue
Scotland, United Kingdom
Phone +441224 272861
Fax +441224 272396

Website url:

Registration form:

Registration fee: 250 (150 students) €

Relevant costs that should be taken by MARBEF:  

Possibility for day-care centres (facilities for children): No

MarBEF supported event: No

Event within Framework of MARBEF: (none)

Maximum number of participants: 

External participants (non MARBEF) allowed: Yes

Posted by Gui_Menezes on 2006-04-10 and approved by webmaster