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Theme 1 - Kick-off Workshop

Location: University of Olso
Event Type: Workshop
Event Date: 2004-06-28    
End Date: 2004-06-30

Event Description:
You can download the minutes of the workshop here.

Goal: To plan in detail the future progress of Theme 1 and in particular the Responsive Mode research activities.

The background to the meeting is the described overall objectives of Theme 1 as are the Tasks that we are committed to completing.

The goal of MARBEF Theme 1 is:

Overall objective The overall objective is to understand how marine biodiversity varies across spatial and temporal scales, and between levels of biological organisation, in order to develop methods to detect significant change.

To reach this goal the workshop will be take the following form. Within each of the Key Areas:

  1. Discuss how the 8 Key Areas of Theme 1 will be made operational
  2. Identify responsive mode (i.e. partner proposed) projects to address the Key Areas of Theme 1 research
  3. Identify participants and the role that they will take in the activities in Theme 1
  4. Produce a detailed time-frame for future activities covering workshops and deliverables.

Structure of the Workshop
The key Areas are listed below:

1.1 Taxonomic basis of biodiversity - Geoff Boxshall, NHM and Damià Jaume, UIB
1.2 Genetic biodiversity - Jean-Pierre Féral, CNRS-Marseille
1.3 Habitat diversity - Ricardo Serrão Santos, DOP/UAz
1.4 Species Assembly Rules - John Lambshead, BMNH
1.5 Large-scale long-term change - David Billet, SOC and Friedrich Buchholz, AWI
1.6 Practicable methods to detect and monitor biodiversity change - Doris Schiedek, IOW
1.7 Data archaeology - Edward Vanden Berghe, VLIZ
1.8 Functional group diversity - Frode Olsgard, UO

Some of the activities are ones that require pre-activities before they can be completed. For example Species assembly rules and Functional Group Diversity are based on the assumption that datasets have been collected and can be analysed, (Data archaeology). Thus these three activities will be combined into one workshop session.


Please register by filling-in the register form before MAY 25th to Anneliese Fleddum:

Please look at Map of the meeting place (UIO) and selected hotels

Please pay using a visa or mastercard via the following link:

Contact email:

Event programme:

Starting Monday 28 June on 14:00 - Ending Wednesday 30 June on 12:30

Plenum session on General aims Group discussions

  1. Taxonomic basis of biodiversity: Damià Jaume, UIB
  2. Genetic biodiversity: Jean-Pierre Féral, CNRS-Marseille
  3. Habitat diversity: Ricardo Serrão Santos, DOP/UAz
  4. Data archaeology: Edward Vanden Berghe, VLIZ,
    Species assembly rules: John Lambshead, BMNH,
    Functional group diversity: Frode Olsgard, UO
  5. Practical methods to detect and monitor biodiversity change and Large-scale and long-term change: Doris Schiedek, IOW and Friedrich Bucholz AWI
The workshop’s products will be:
  1. A structured action plan for Theme 1 listing how the Tasks will be achieved and who will do what and when
  2. A detailed timetable of future activities

Collaborators and organisers:
John S. Gray and Annelise Fleddum (Univ. of Oslo, Norway)

Website url: 

Registration form:

Registration fee: 70 €

Relevant costs that should be taken by MARBEF:  

Possibility for day-care centres (facilities for children): No

MarBEF supported event: Yes

Event within Framework of MARBEF: WP3 - Global Patterns

Maximum number of participants: 

External participants (non MARBEF) allowed: No

Posted by Ward on 2004-04-27 and approved by Webmaster