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Problems of Biological Oceanography in the XXI century

Location: Sevastopol (Ukraine)
Event Type: Meeting
Event Date: 2006-09-19    
End Date: 2006-09-21

Event Description:


International scientific conference, devoted to 135-th anniversary of IBSS
September 19 – 21, 2006
Sevastopol, Ukraine

The main scientific directions in the conference work:

1. Influence of the climatic and anthropogenic factors on the functioning, stability and evolution of the marine ecosystems.
2. Tactics and strategy in preservation of the marine ecosystems biodiversity: state and problems.
3. Migration, accumulation, transformation and recycling of chemical compounds in the marine ecosystems.
4. Evaluation of the marine ecosystems state according to biotic, biophysical and biochemical indices.
5. Flows of substance, energy and information in the marine ecosystems.

Language of the conference: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

The results and perspectives of the fundamental and applied researches in the field of biological oceanography will be discussed at the plenary and sectional sessions.

To participate in the conference it is necessary to send by June 1, 2006 the filled questionnaire (see registration form) – application to the address: 99011, Sevastopol, 2,Nakhimov av, Institute of biology of the southern seas, NAS of Ukraine, Organizing committee of the conference.

Demands to the theses preparation:

1.Materials will be received with the volume up to 1 p., text of A4 size. Theses should be sent in electronic form ( file World 6.0 – 8.0 ) to the address:, marked “Conference”.
2.Page parameters: A4 size, margins 2.0 at all the sides, upper running title – 1,27 cm, lower running title – 2 cm.
3.Text must be composed by the set: Times New Roman Cyr 11 points, without division into syllables. Interval - single, indentation 1,25 cm; leveling by width.
4. Apportionment of the text fragments by italics is allowed. It is recommended to avoid composing the fragments of text by capital letters.
5.References to figures and citing the literature are not permitted.
6. Tables and graphs must be created in one of the given modifications of the Word editor.
7. Formulas, if there are some, must be put into the text or table without framing.
8. Method of the title designing:
Initials and surnames of authors (bold-type);
Title of the thesis (capital letters);
Organization, in which the work has been carried out (Times New Roman Cyr 10);
Mailing and electronic addresses (Times New Roman Cyr 10).
9. The term of theses reception is prolonged up to June 20, 2006.

Registration fee:
The registration fee will be 40 US dollars. We ask to send registration fees by mail transfer to Korniychuk Yulia Mikhaylovna, to the address: 99011, Sevastopol, 2, Nakhimov av., Kovalevsky Institute of biology of the southern seas , NAS of Ukraine. Payment of the fee is possible during registration.

Contact email:

Event programme:

Collaborators and organisers:
Scientific committee:
Eremeev V.N., chairman, member of NAS of Ukraine, director of IBSS and the Oceanological
Shulman G.E., deputy chairman, corresponding member of NASU, IBSS
Tokarev Yu.N., deputy chairman, doctor of boil. Sci., IBSS
Polikarpov G.G., member of NASU, IBSS
Zaitsev Yu. P., member of NASU, IBSS Odessa branch
Romanenko V. D., member of NASU, Institute of hydrobiology, NASU
Gitelzon I.I., member of NASU, Institute of biophysics, RAN, Krasnoyarsk
Fedorov V.G., prof., doctor of sci., MSU
Gilyarov A. M., prof., doctor of sci., MSU
Zaika V. E., corresponding member of NASU, IBSS
Morozova A. L., phD, director of the Karadag nature reserve
Protasov A. A., phD,Institute ofhydrobiology, NASU

Organizing committee:
Tokarev Yu.N., chairman,doct.biol.sci.,IBSS, (0692) 54-59-19
Gayevskaya A. V..,co-chairman, doct.boil.sci., IBSS
Alexandrov B. G., co-chairman, doct.boil.sci., IBSS Odessa branch
Boltachev A. R., phD, IBSS
Kodis I. B.,IBSS

Kolesnikova E. A.,resp. secretary, phD, IBSS (0692) 54-06-49, e-mail:
Golovina I. V., secretary, phD IBSS
Korniychuk Yu. M., secretary, phD, IBSS
Tatarenko L. Ya., IBSS
Burchenko Yu. M., IBSS

Website url: 

Registration form:

Registration fee: 

Relevant costs that should be taken by MARBEF:  

Possibility for day-care centres (facilities for children): No

MarBEF supported event: No

Event within Framework of MARBEF: (none)

Maximum number of participants: 

External participants (non MARBEF) allowed: Yes

Posted by wardappeltans on 2006-06-06 and approved by webmaster