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10th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration (ICSR)

Location: Vlissingen, The Netherlands
Event Type: Meeting
Event Date: 2007-11-12    
End Date: 2007-11-16

Event Description:
Vlissingen The Netherlands, 12 - 16 November 2007
Themef the conference: “Innovation in the exploitation and management of shellfish resources”

Exploitation and management of shellfish populations is an important issue for stakeholder groups such as shellfish industry, nature conservation NGO’s and governments. Uncertainty in resource availability (recruitment, algal production and quality, space) puts pressure on the industry and asks for innovations.

For environmental protection, knowledge is required of impacts of shellfish exploitation and of methods for restoration and improvement of exploitation. Regulation and management of exploited shellfish resources, particularly in nature conservation areas, is a priority issue for governmental institutions as conflicts of interest are manifest.

Contact email:

Event programme:
Theme 1: Recruitment
1.1 Recruitment and spatfall dynamics
1.2 Role of predation (top-down control)
1.3 Spat collection and seed management
1.4 Broodstock quality, breeding and selection

Theme 2: Ecosystem-based management
2.1 Role of shellfish in the food chain
2.2 Shellfish management, eutrophication and harmful blooms
2.3 Impact of invasions
2.4 Enhancement of carrying capacity for shellfish exploitation
2.5 Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture
2.6 Shellfish restoration

Theme 3: Stakeholder involvement and management
3.1 Innovation in shellfish management
3.2 Shellfish management and nature conservation
3.3 Stakeholder involvement of shellfish exploitation
3.4 International regulation of shellfish management and transplantation
3.5 Teaching and education

Theme 4: New technologies
4.1 Chances for offshore shellfish culture
4.2 Land based shelfish cultures
4.3 Innovations in hatchery/nursery systems
4.4 Genomics and proteonomics
4.5 Shellfish as valuable seafood

Collaborators and organisers:
Prof. Dr. Aad Smaal
Wageningen IMARES
PO Box 77
4400 AB Yerseke
The Netherlands
Phone +31 113 672300
Fax: +31 113 573477

Website url:

Registration form:

Registration fee: 350 (students 200)

Relevant costs that should be taken by MARBEF:  

Possibility for day-care centres (facilities for children): No

MarBEF supported event: No

Event within Framework of MARBEF: (none)

Maximum number of participants: 350

External participants (non MARBEF) allowed: Yes

Posted by johan_craeymeersch on 2007-04-25 and approved by webmaster