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2nd Training Course of Chemical Methods in Marine Ecology

Location: Naples (Italy)
Event Type: Meeting
Event Date: 2008-09-09    
End Date: 2008-09-12

Event Description:
The “2nd Training Course on Chemical Methods in Marine Ecology” deals with the chemical aspects related to identification, origin and [function] of low-molecular-weight metabolites involved in ecological interactions in marine communities. In particular, the meeting programme concerns investigations of secondary metabolites and their functional roles in mediating reproductive processes, prey-predator interactions, and competition. In this frame, lectures and demonstrations embrace theoretical aspects and practical analysis by techniques that are largely employed for terrestrial counterparts. The course is intended to have highly specialized lectures in the morning and practical classes in the afternoon.

Download: flyer

This year’s programme is focused on the study of plankton interactions by techniques related to:

-molecular biology
-mass spectrometry.

Speakers will be selected within the MarBEF members and from other European and non-European Institutions in order to get a up-line of qualified trainers. The course will have also the collaboration of Applied Biosystem (Italy) for analysis of marine toxins by MS advanced methods. The Course will be held in Pozzuoli - Naples (Italy), 9-12 September, 2008.

Contact Person: Angelo Fontana, CNR-Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare, Via Campi Flegrei 34, 80078, Pozzuoli - Naples, Italy;; tel +39 0818675096.

Expected audience: not more than 15 students.

Deadline for on-line registration: July 15th, 2008.

Location: CNR - Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare, Via Campi Flegrei 34, Pozzuoli, Napoli, Italy and Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Naples “Federico II”, Via D. Montesano Napoli, Italy.

Contact email:

Event programme:
download programme.

Collaborators and organisers:

Website url: 

Registration form:

Registration fee: 

Relevant costs that should be taken by MARBEF:  

Possibility for day-care centres (facilities for children): No

MarBEF supported event: Yes

Event within Framework of MARBEF: WP4 - Functionality

Maximum number of participants: 15

External participants (non MARBEF) allowed: Yes

Posted by wardappeltans on 2008-04-21 and approved by webmaster