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Festa della Biodiversitą (Biodiversity Days)

Location: Villa Comunale, Naples, Italy
Event Type: Meeting
Event Date: 2004-07-20    
End Date: 2004-07-25

Event Description:
The ‘Festa della Biodiversitą’ (Biodiversity Days) was first celebrated in 2001 within the activities of the Association VAS (Green Environment and Society). Every year since then, a scientific session is held focusing on different aspects of biodiversity, with aim of conveying clearly the implications of the loss of biodiversity from many points of [view], including the ethic, aesthetic, intellectual, recreational perspectives and the survival of the human kind. The final goal of this initiative is to improve in the common people the perception of:
  • Biodiversity
  • its value in terms of environment, society, economics and ethics
  • its present extent
  • factors menacing its conservation

Contact email:

Event programme:

Programme in Italian, click here

Tuesday, 20th July – 18.00 – Piazza Mediterraneo

The meeting venue: Permanent exhibition on the History of Villa Comunale in Naples. Opening ceremony.

Wednesday, 21st July – 18.30 – Piazza Mediterraneo

Extinction risk for fruits, herbs, flowers and plants in Campania; achieved initiatives and plans for their protection

Thursday, 22nd July – 11.00 – Piazza Mediterraneo

Parks and nature reserves as key sites for the environmental protection of Biodiversity and Landscape, and the role of sustainable tourism

Thursday, 22nd July – 18.30 – Piazza Mediterraneo

The eradicated language – the loss of linguistic and cultural diversity

Friday, 23rd July – 18.30 – Piazza Mediterraneo

Campania: agroalimentary biodiversity in the new culture of worldwide feeding. Programs and enterprises

Saturday, 24th July – 17.00 Fresco’s Room, Stazione Zoologica "A. Dohrn"

From genes to ecosystems

Gabriele Procaccini (SZN)
Molecular approaches to the study of biodiversity

Marina Montresor and Adriana Zingone (SZN)
Cryptic species in marine phytoplankton

M. Grazia Mazzocchi (SZN)
Behavioural and functional diversity in marine zooplankton

M. Cristina Buia (SZN)
Structural complexity and biodiversity in vegetated benthic system

Collaborators and organisers:
Scientific Organizers: M.Cristina Gambi, Marina Montresor, Maurizio Ribera d’Alcalą (Zoological Station ‘Anton Dohrn’ Naples), Amalia Virzo De Santo (University Federico II of Naples)

Website url: 

Registration form: 

Registration fee: 

Relevant costs that should be taken by MARBEF:  

Possibility for day-care centres (facilities for children): No

MarBEF supported event: No

Event within Framework of MARBEF: WP8 - Outreach

Maximum number of participants: 

External participants (non MARBEF) allowed: Yes

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