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  MarBEF+Outreach: Marine Biodiversity WIKI goes live
Posted on 05 January 2009 14:48:34 by webmaster
Under the banner of MarBEF (Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning) we are launching a Marine Biodiversity Wiki

A wiki is software that allows users to create, edit, and link web pages easily. A marine biodiversity wiki is essentially a database for creating, browsing, and searching through information on marine biodiversity. VLIZ have developed the basic structure which can be accessed through the front page of the MarBEF website. The Marine Biodiversity Wiki links in depth with the Coastal Wiki (developed by ENCORA, ) to avoid duplication of material and while also solely concentrating on providing information on marine biodiversity.

The added value of publishing information in the Marine Biodiversity Wiki is manifold: 1) the Coastal Wiki is an already highly visited website where the information is easily found by search bots. This increases significantly the visibility of your work 2) the information is always linked with the professional contact details of the authors. This insures the necessary quality control of the information 3) by linking in depth to existing Coastal and Marine information, you prevent duplication of effort and 4) the Coastal Wiki guarantees a long term management of the information recorded in the marine biodiversity wiki.

While many wikis are open to alteration by the general [public] without requiring them to register user accounts the Marine Biodiversity Wiki will require user authentication to edit pages. Many edits by approved contributors, however, can be made in real-time and appear almost instantly online. This can facilitate abuse of the system.

We are putting out a call for projects, organisations and indeed individuals who are specialists in different areas of marine biodiversity to consider creating a page for this marine biodiversity wiki. We have a small budget where we can provide a contribution (€500) towards the cost of putting an article together. If you would take a look at the table of contents on the right column of the wiki home page and see if there is any topic for which you would like to contribute or indeed to produce a full article on a topic we would appreciate it if you would drop us a mail at The red links are devoid of any information while the blue links may have full articles or may just contain a simple definition. Also, if you feel we have left out an area which you feel should be included we are always looking to expand…..

There is a comprehensive help section on the left hand navigation bar which authors can avail of to help to upload their articles. Any other problems can be sorted out by dropping me an e-mail

If you are interested or know someone who is can you please forward this information to them, thanks.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year

Róisín Nash, Ward Appeltans & Simon Claus