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Register of Resources (RoR)

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Institute of Marine Research (IMR)

Nordnesgaten 50
P.b. 1870
5024 Bergen

Tel.: +47-(0)55-23 85 00
Fax: +47-(0)55-23 85 31
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Type: Scientific

Persons (46)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Event | Datasets 
  • Godø, Olav Rune
  • Grimsbø, Endre
  • Hartvedt, Siri
  • Hassel, Arne
  • Heino, Mikko
  • Helge Stien, Lars
  • Hjelset, Ann Merete
  • Holte, Børge
  • Jensen, Sune
  • Karlsen, Ørjan
  • Knutsen, Tor
  • Kutti, Tina
  • Moland Olsen, Esben
  • Mortensen, Lene Buhl
  • Mortensen, Pål Buhl
  • Morvik, Arnfinn
  • Nash, Richard
  • Nilsen, Merete
  • Nøttestad, Leif
  • Nyqvist, Daniel
  • Øien, Nils
  • Olsen, Erik
  • Østrem, Ann Kristin
  • Pedersen, Helene
  • Søvik, Guldborg
  • Stenevik, Erling Kåre
  • Sundet, Jan
  • Thangstad, Trude Hauge
  • Tødenes, Merethe
  • Torgersen, Thomas
  • Uiblein, Franz

Associated to an institute part (5)
  • Gabrielsen, Kjersti Lie
  • Huse, Geir
  • Loeng, Harald
  • Nieuwejaar, Per Wilhelm
  • Sagen, Helge

Person formerly associated with this organization
  • Tandberg, Anne Helene

Child institutes (5)  Top | Persons | Publications | Projects | Event | Datasets 
  • Institute of Marine Research; Flødevigen Marine Research Station (IMR)
  • Institute of Marine Research; Marbank (IMR)
  • Institute of Marine Research; Marine Mammals Research Group (IMR)
  • Institute of Marine Research; Norwegian Marine Data Centre (IMR), more
  • Institute of Marine Research; Research Vessel Department (IMR)

Publications (18)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Projects | Event | Datasets 
    ( 2 peer reviewed ) split up filter
  • Peer reviewed article Husa, V.; Sjøtun, K. (2006). Vegetative reproduction in Heterosiphonia japonica (Dasyaceae, Ceramiales, Rhodophyta), an introduced red alga on European coasts. Bot. Mar. 49(3): 191-199., more
  • Peer reviewed article Husa, V.; Sjøtun, K.; Lein, T.E. (2004). The newly introduced species Heterosiphonia japonica Yendo (Dasyaceae, Rhodophyta): geographical distribution and abundance at the Norwegian southwest coast. Sarsia 89(3): 211-217., more
  • Kutti, T.; Windsland, K.; Falkenhaug, T.; Biuw, M.; Thangstad, T.H.; Bergstad, O.A. (2019). Seamounts in the OSPAR maritime area: from species to ecosystems. Rapport fra Havforskningen, 42. Havforskningsinstituttet: Bergen. 113 pp., more
  • Everaert, G.; Vandegehuchte, M.; Anders, R.; Hjermann, D.Ø.; Borgå, K.; Green, N.; Boitsov, S.; Jensen, H.; Poste, A. (2018). Data recycling. How to get new information out of existing data?, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – VLIZ Marine Scientist Day. Bredene, Belgium, 21 March 2018. VLIZ Special Publication, 80: pp. 88, more
  • Haugland, B.T.; Fredriksen, S.; Kutti, T.; Norderhaug, K.M.; White, C.; Bekkby, T.; Husa, V.; Bannister, R. (2018). Effects of fish farm effluents on epiphytic algae and faunal community associated with Laminaria hyperborea, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium. Oostende, Belgium, 17-21 September 2018. VLIZ Special Publication, 82: pp. 135, more
  • (2014). Johan Hjort symposium on recruitment dynamics and stock variability, Bergen, Norway, 7-9 October 2014: programme & abstracts. Institute of Marine Research: Norway. 60 pp., more
  • (2012). The 47th European Marine Biology Symposium, Arendal, Norway, 3‐7 September 2012: Book of Abstracts. Institute of Marine Research: Arendal. 179 pp., more
  • Bakken, E.; Bakketeig, I.E. (2009). Our ships – and the men whose names they bear. Revised. Institute of Marine Research: Bergen. 39 pp., more
  • Iversen, S.A.; Myklevoll, S.; Maestad, K.; Nøttestad, L. (Ed.) (2009). Cruising for krill in the Southern Ocean with G.O. Sars. Institute of Marine Research: Bergen. ISBN 978-82-7128-572-2. 142 pp., more
  • Gjøsaeter, H. (Ed.) (1985). The Proceedings of the Soviet-Norwegian Symposium on the Barents Sea Capelin, Bergen, 14-19 August 1984. Institute of Marine Research: Bergen. 236 pp., more
  • Dahl, E.; Danielssen, D.S.; Moksness, E.; Solemdal, P. (Ed.) (1984). The propagation of cod Gadus morhua L: An International Symposium, Arendal, 14-17 June 1983. Institute of Marine Research: Arendal. 2 volumes pp., more
  • Sœtre, R.; de Paula e Silva, R. (1979). The marine fish resources of Mozambique. Reports on surveys with the R/V Fridtjof Nansen. Institute of Marine Research/Serviço de Investigações Pesquiras: Maputo, Mozambique. 179 pp., more
  • Lindquist, A. (1961). Untersuchungen an Limnocalanus (Copepoda, Calanoida). Institute of Marine Research, Lysekil. Series Biology, Report, 13. Institute of Marine Research: Lund. 124 pp., more
  • Rapport fra Havforskningen. Institute of Marine Research: Bergen. ISSN 1893-4536, more
  • Fiskeridirektoratets Skrifter. Serie Havundersøkelser. Institute of Marine Research: Bergen. ISSN 0015-3117, more
  • Fiskeridirektoratets Skrifter. Serie Teknologiske Undersøkelser. Institute of Marine Research: Bergen. ISSN 0078-186X, more
  • Strategy Plan of the Institute of Marine Research. Institute of Marine Research: Bergen, more
  • Flødevigen rapportser. Institute of Marine Research: His. ISSN 0333-2594, more

Projects (25)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Event | Datasets 
  • AQUAEXCEL: Aquaculture infrastructures for excellence in European fish research
  • BECAUSE: Critical interactions between species and their implications for a precautionary fisheries management in a variable environment - a modeling approach
  • CEVIS: Comparative Evaluations of Innovative Solutions in European Solutions in European fisheries management
  • COEXIST: Interaction in coastal waters: A roadmap to sustainable integration of aquaculture and fisheries
  • EMODNET BIO II: European Marine Observation and Data Network - Biology Lot II
  • EMODNETBIO III: European Marine Observation and Data Network- Biology
  • EMODNET-CHEM I: European Marine Observation and Data Network - Chemistry Lot
  • EMODNET-CHEM II: European Marine Observation and Data Network - Chemistry Lot II
  • EURO-BASIN: EUROpean Basin-scale Analysis, Synthesis & Integration
  • EUROFLEETS 2: New operational Steps Towards an alliance of European research fleets
  • EUROFLEETS: Towards an alliance of European research fleets
  • FinE: Fisheries-induced Evolution
  • HERMIONE: Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man's Impact On European Seas
  • Jerico-Next: Joint European Research Infrastructure network for Coastal Observatory – Novel European eXpertise for coastal observatories
  • MAFCONS: Managing Fisheries to conserve ground fish and benthic invertebrates species diversity, more
  • MarBEF: Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning - EU Network of Excellence, more
  • MARECO: Integration of different methods to study patterns and changes in pelagic biodiversity in the open ocean along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, more
  • MarFish: Causes and consequences of changing marine biodiversity a fish and fisheries perspective, more
  • MERMAID: Innovative Multi-purpose off-shore platforms: planning, Design and operation
  • NESPMAN: Improving the knowledge of the biology and the fisheries of the new species for management
  • POGO: Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans
  • SEADATANET II: Pan-European infrastructure for Ocean & Marine Data Management
  • SFS: Sea for Society
  • SPAWNSEIS: Behavior of spawning cod in relation to marine seismic surveys in Norway, 2018-21
  • SPICOSA: Science and policy integration for coastal System Assessment

Event  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
  • 47th European Marine Biology Symposium

Datasets (21)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Event 
  • Lophelia pertusa reefs in Norwegian seawaters
  • HamPelFish: Hamburg pelagic fish database, more
  • IMR Capelin larvae monitoring
  • IMR Fish database
  • IMR Fish eggs survey
  • IMR Herring larvae monitoring
  • IMR Juvenile fish monitoring
  • IMR Macroplankton surveys
  • IMR Zooplankton Barents Sea
  • IMR Zooplankton North Sea
  • IMR Zooplankton Norwegian Sea
  • Incidental sightings of marine mammals
  • Long-Distance Movement of a Sei Whale in the North Atlantic, 2005
  • MARBUNN benthos database
  • MAREANO - Base-line mapping of epifauna obtained with Beamtrawl
  • MAREANO - Base-line mapping of fauna obtained with grab
  • MAREANO - Base-line mapping of hyperbenthic crustacea fauna obtained with RP-sledge
  • MAR-ECO 2004, more
  • Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the Norwegian Deep and Skagerrak, 1984-2017
  • Red king crab survey data from Finnmark Northern Norway in the period 1994 -2016
  • SPAWNSEIS: Behavior of spawning cod in relation to marine seismic surveys in Norway, 2018-21

All data in the Integrated Marine Information System (IMIS) is subject to the VLIZ privacy policy Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Event | Datasets 

If any information here appears to be incorrect, please contact us
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