MarBEF Courses

Courses in 2008
12-14 March 2008Fluorescent in situ hybridization for the study of aquatic microbes, Banyuls/Mer [Report]
5-26 April 20089th Advanced phytoplankton course - taxonomy and systematics (APC9), Naples [Report]
19-30 May 2008Experimental Developmental Biology on Marine Invertebrates, Roscoff - Outline and programme [Report]
9-20 June 2008Growing and isolating marine microbes, including the uncultured, Kalmar
16-20 June 2008Measuring Biodiverrsity and Ecosystem Function in Estuarine Systems, St. Andrews - flyer
6-14 July 2008Physiological and genetic diversity of marine organisms in European coastal systems, Hel
9-12 September 2008Chemical Methods in Marine Ecology, Naples
Courses in 2007
5-9 March 2007Genetic fingerprints in biodiversity research, Bremen (Germany) [Report]
19-24 March 2007MarBEF/IODE Biodiversity Data Management Training Course, Oostende (Belgium) [Report]
11-14 April 2007MarBEF training course on Valuation Methodologies for Marine Environments, Algarve (Portugal) [Report]
30 Apr–12 May 2007Experimental biology course on marine invertebrates, Roscoff (France) [Report]
4-15 June 2007Identification of marine macrozooplankton and micronekton, Bergen (Norway) [Report]
4-15 June 2007MarBEF/MGE course: Plankton bloom dynamics - An integrative approach using molecular and genomic tools [Report]
18-22 June 2007Measuring Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Estuarine Systems, St Andrews University, Fife (Scotland) [Report]
8-16 July 2007MarBEF/MBSS2007 training course on physiological and genetic diversity of marine organisms in European coastal systems, Hel (Poland) [Report]
17-27 July 2007MarBEF Summer School on Diversity and Functioning of Coastal Habitats, Sylt (Germany) [Report]
8-14 Sept 2007MarBEF course in tidal flat ecology: Field experiments as a tool for marine research, Sylt (Germany)
Courses in 2006
9-14 September 2006MarBEF Training Course on BioAssay Methods in Marine Chemical Ecology, Strömstad (Sweden) [Report]
9-17 July 2006Biodiversity and adaptive strategies of marine biota in European coastal systems, Hel (Poland) [Report]
20-23 June 2006ICES/MarBEF Crustacean Zooplankton Taxonomic training course, Plymouth (United Kingdom) [Report]
6-11 March 2006IODE/MarBEF biodiversity data management training course, Oostende (Belgium) [Report]
Courses sponsored by MarBEF
6-17 June 2006Summer Course Marine Evolutionary & Ecological Genomics, Naples (Italy) [Report]
Courses in 2005
17-30 July 2005Training course on biodiversity, phylogeny and ecology of Porifera (France) [Report]
4-8 July 2005Copepod biology and systematics (Tunesia) [Report]
2-23 April 2005Phytoplankton Taxonomy (Italy) [Report]
Courses in 2004
3-6 November 2004The role of flow cytometry in marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (Italy) [Report]
4-8 October 2004Phylogeny and taxonomy of microorganisms (Germany) [Report]
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