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O'Hara, T. D.; Hugall, A. F.; Thuy, B.; Stöhr, S.; Martynov, A. V. (2017). Restructuring higher taxonomy using broad-scale phylogenomics: The living Ophiuroidea. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 107: 415-430.
10.1016/j.ympev.2016.12.006 [view]
O'Hara, T. D.; Hugall, A. F.; Thuy, B.; Stöhr, S.; Martynov, A. V.
Restructuring higher taxonomy using broad-scale phylogenomics: The living Ophiuroidea
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
107: 415-430
Molecular systematics, Molecular biology
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Amphilepidida (original description)
Amphilepididae Matsumoto, 1915 (taxonomy source)
Amphiophiura Matsumoto, 1915 (taxonomy source)
Amphiuroidea Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Aspidophiura Matsumoto, 1915 (taxonomy source)
Asteronychidae Ljungman, 1867 (status source)
Asteroschematidae Verrill, 1899 accepted as Euryalidae Gray, 1840 (taxonomy source)
Asteroschematinae Verrill, 1899 emended Okanishi et al., 2011 accepted as Euryalidae Gray, 1840 (status source)
Astrophiuridae Sladen, 1879 (taxonomy source)
Dictenophiura H.L. Clark, 1923 accepted as Ophiura (Dictenophiura) H.L. Clark, 1923 (taxonomy source)
Euryalida (taxonomy source)
Euryophiurida (original description)
Gnathophiurina (taxonomy source)
Gorgonocephalidae Ljungman, 1867 (status source)
Gymnophiura Lütken & Mortensen, 1899 (taxonomy source)
Hemieuryalina accepted as Hemieuryalidae Verrill, 1899 (status source)
Ophiacanthida (original description)
Ophiacanthidae Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Ophiacanthina (original description)
Ophiactoidea Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Ophintegrida (original description)
Ophiobyrsa Lyman, 1878 (taxonomy source)
Ophiobyrsidae Matsumoto, 1915 (status source)
Ophiocanopidae Mortensen, 1932 accepted as Ophiacanthidae Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Ophiochiton Lyman, 1878 (taxonomy source)
Ophiochitonidae Matsumoto, 1915 accepted as Ophionereididae Ljungman, 1867 (status source)
Ophiocomoidea Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Ophiodermatina (taxonomy source)
Ophiodermatoidea Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Ophiolepididae Ljungman, 1867 (restricted) (taxonomy source)
Ophiolepidoidea Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Ophioleucida (original description)
Ophiomisidium Koehler, 1914 (taxonomy source)
Ophiomusina (original description)
Ophiomyxidae Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Ophiomyxina accepted as Ophiomyxidae Ljungman, 1867 (status source)
Ophionereidina (original description)
Ophionereidoidea Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Ophiophrixus H.L. Clark, 1911 (taxonomy source)
Ophiophycis Koehler, 1901 (taxonomy source)
Ophiopleura Danielssen & Koren, 1877 (taxonomy source)
Ophioplinthus Lyman, 1878 (taxonomy source)
Ophioplocus Lyman, 1861 (taxonomy source)
Ophioplus Verrill, 1899 (taxonomy source)
Ophiopsilidae Matsumoto, 1915 (status source)
Ophiopsilina (taxonomy source)
Ophiopsilinae Matsumoto, 1915 accepted as Ophiopsilidae Matsumoto, 1915 (status source)
Ophiopsiloidea Matsumoto, 1915 (taxonomy source)
Ophiopyrgidae Perrier, 1893 (status source)
Ophioscolecida (original description)
Ophioscolecidae Lütken, 1869 (basis of record)
Ophiotrichidae Ljungman, 1867 (taxonomy source)
Ophiozonella Matsumoto, 1915 (taxonomy source)
Ophiurida (taxonomy source)
Ophiurina (taxonomy source)
Spinophiura Stöhr & Segonzac, 2006 (taxonomy source)
Stegophiura Matsumoto, 1915 (taxonomy source)
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