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Bothriocephalus Rudolphi, 1808

105008  (

Species Bothriocephalus andresi Porta, 1911
Species Bothriocephalus atherinae Chernyshenko, 1949
Species Bothriocephalus auriculatus Rudolphi, 1819
Species Bothriocephalus barbatus Renaud Gabrion & Pasteur, 1983
Species Bothriocephalus clavibothrium Ariola, 1899
Species Bothriocephalus claviceps (Goeze, 1782) Rudolphi, 1810
Species Bothriocephalus coronatus Rudolphi, 1819
Species Bothriocephalus macrophallus Linstow, 1905
Species Bothriocephalus monticelli Ariola, 1899
Species Bothriocephalus scorpii (Müller, 1776) Cooper, 1917
Species Bothriocephalus trachypteri Ariola, 1896
Species Bothriocephalus trachypteriiris Ariola, 1896
Species Bothriocephalus uncinatus Rudolphi, 1819
Species Bothriocephalus vallei Stossich, 1899

Species Bothriocephalus alessandrinii Condorelli-Francaviglia, 1898 (taxon inquirendum)
Species Bothriocephalus angustatus Rudolphi, 1819 (taxon inquirendum)
Species Bothriocephalus bramae Ariola, 1899 (taxon inquirendum)
Species Bothriocephalus lophii Rudolphi, 1819 (taxon inquirendum)
Species Bothriocephalus minutus Ariola, 1896 (taxon inquirendum)
Species Bothriocephalus squali Ariola, 1900 (taxon inquirendum)

Species Bothriocephalus funiculus Renaud & Gabrion, 1984 (nomen nudum)
Species Bothriocephalus gregarius Renaud Gabrion & Pasteur, 1983 (nomen nudum)

Species Bothriocephalus centrolophipompili (Wagener, 1854) accepted as Bothriocotyle solinosomum Ariola, 1900 (synonym)
Species Bothriocephalus microcephalus Rudolphi, 1819 accepted as Anchistrocephalus microcephalus (Rudolphi, 1819) (synonym)
Species Bothriocephalus proboscideus (Batsch, 1786) accepted as Eubothrium crassum (Bloch, 1779) Nybelin, 1922 (synonym)
Species Bothriocephalus punctatus (Rudolphi, 1802) accepted as Bothriocephalus scorpii (Müller, 1776) Cooper, 1917 (synonym)
marine, brackish, fresh
Rudolphi, K. A. (1808). Entozoorum, sive vermium intestinalium : historia naturalis / auctore Carolo Asmundo Rudolphi. , available online at
page(s): 111 [details]   
ERMS (2021). Bothriocephalus Rudolphi, 1808. Accessed at: on 2021-05-16
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original description Rudolphi, K. A. (1808). Entozoorum, sive vermium intestinalium : historia naturalis / auctore Carolo Asmundo Rudolphi. , available online at
page(s): 111 [details]   

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