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Podocotyle atomon (Rudolphi, 1802) Odhner, 1905

108908  (

marine, brackish
(of ) Rudolphi, C. A. (1802). Beobachtungen über die Eingeweidewürmer. <em>Archiv für Zoologie und Zootomie.</em> 3 (1), 61-125. (look up in RoR[details]  OpenAccess publication 
NARMS (2023). Podocotyle atomon (Rudolphi, 1802) Odhner, 1905. Accessed at: on 2023-05-29
Costello, M.J.; Bouchet, P.; Boxshall, G.; Arvanitidis, C.; Appeltans, W. (2023). European Register of Marine Species. Podocotyle atomon (Rudolphi, 1802) Odhner, 1905. Accessed at: on 2023-05-29
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original description  (of ) Rudolphi, C. A. (1802). Beobachtungen über die Eingeweidewürmer. <em>Archiv für Zoologie und Zootomie.</em> 3 (1), 61-125. (look up in RoR[details]  OpenAccess publication 

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page(s): 61 [details]  Available for editors  PDF available 

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page(s): 41 [details]  Available for editors  PDF available 

new combination reference Odhner, T. (1905). Die Trematoden des arktischen Gebietes. <em>Fauna Arctica.</em> 4: 289-372., available online at
page(s): 320 [details]   

biology source Sannia, A.; James, B. (1977). The Digenea in marine molluscs from Eyjafjördur, North Iceland. <em>Ophelia.</em> 16 (1): 97-109., available online at
page(s): 106 [details]   
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