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Cairns SD. (1979). The deep-water Scleractinia of the Caribbean and adjacent waters. Studies on the Fauna of Curaçao and other Caribbean Islands. 57:1-341.
Cairns SD
The deep-water Scleractinia of the Caribbean and adjacent waters
Studies on the Fauna of Curaçao and other Caribbean Islands
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Western Pacific warm temperate and tropical
Abyssal, Deep-Sea
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Anomocora fecunda (Pourtalès, 1871) (redescription)
Asterosmilia prolifera (Pourtalès, 1871) accepted as Anomocora prolifera (Pourtalès, 1871) (redescription)
Coenosmilia arbuscula Pourtalès, 1874 (redescription)
Concentrotheca Cairns, 1979 (original description)
Concentrotheca laevigata (Pourtalès, 1871) (new combination reference)
Dasmosmilia lymani (Pourtalès, 1871) (redescription)
Dasmosmilia variegata (Pourtalès, 1871) (new combination reference)
Deltocyathoides stimpsonii (Pourtalès, 1871) (redescription)
Deltocyathus eccentricus Cairns, 1979 (original description)
Deltocyathus italicus (Michelotti, 1838) (redescription)
Deltocyathus moseleyi Cairns, 1979 (original description)
Dendrophyllia alternata Pourtalès, 1880 (redescription)
Desmophyllum cristagalli Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 accepted as Desmophyllum dianthus (Esper, 1794) (redescription)
Eguchipsammia cornucopia (Pourtalès, 1871) (redescription)
Eguchipsammia gaditana (Duncan, 1873) (redescription)
Enallopsammia rostrata (Pourtalès, 1878) (redescription)
Fungiacyathus (Bathyactis) crispus (Pourtalès, 1871) (redescription)
Fungiacyathus (Bathyactis) marenzelleri (Vaughan, 1906) (redescription)
Guynia annulata Duncan, 1872 (redescription)
Javania cailleti (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) (redescription)
Javania pseudoalabastra Zibrowius, 1974 (redescription)
Madrepora oculata Linnaeus, 1758 (redescription)
Paracyathus pulchellus (Philippi, 1842) (redescription)
Peponocyathus folliculus (Pourtalès, 1868) (redescription)
Placotrochides frustum Cairns, 1979 (original description)
Premocyathus cornuformis (Pourtalès, 1868) (redescription)
Schizocyathus fissilis Pourtalès, 1874 (redescription)
Solenosmilia variabilis Duncan, 1873 (redescription)
Stenocyathus vermiformis (Pourtalès, 1868) (redescription)
Stephanocyathus (Odontocyathus) nobilis (Moseley, 1876) (new combination reference)
Tethocyathus variabilis Cairns, 1979 (original description)
Trochocyathus Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
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