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Flag of Malta
4 stars - Protection pending but not yet approved by national legislation
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Il-Karraba promontory with Ghajn Tuffieha Bay in the foreground and Gnejna Bay in the background. Photo: P J Schembri

Extensive description of site:

Located on the western coast of the island of Malta, the main island of the Maltese group. The site extends along approximately 11km of north to south trending coastline and its outer boundary follows the 50m depth contour; the area thus covers a total of 4.75km˛ of seabed. The Rdum Majjiesa area, from Ras il-Wahx to Ras ir-Raheb, on the western coast of the island of Malta, extends along approximately 11km of N-S trending coastline with sea cliffs, rocky and sandy shores, boulder fields, shallow bays and rocky shoals; the outer boundary is the 50m depth contour and the whole area covers 4.75km˛ of seabed.

Habitats present:
Littoral XX
Sublittoral XX
Seagrass bedsX

Description of fauna and flora:

Littoral biotopes include sandy and cobble beaches, boulder screes, sheer cliffs and cliffs with surrounding boulder screes. Sublittoral biotopes include: bare sandy bottoms, rock with photophilic algae, seagrass (Cymodocea and Posidonia) meadows, sciaphilic assemblages on rock, caves, and maerl.

Human impact:

This region is being considered as a potential marine protected area as it supports a representative selection of all major biotopes occurring around the Maltese Islands and is minimally impacted apart from the sandy beaches which are used for bathing and water sports.


The University of Malta is located some 15km from the site.

Available database and website:

No information at present.

Commitment and ongoing research:

The area is proposed as a marine protected area and the subject of an extensive habitat survey funded by the United Nations Environment Programme’s Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) as part of its Coastal Area Management Programme For Malta (CAMP Malta); a management plan is currently being prepared.