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Hamsilos Bay, Sinop, Turkey Photo:

Extensive description of site:

The Black Sea has historically been one of the most biologically productive regions in the world. Sinop Peninsula is located on the Southern coasts of the Black Sea. It has quiet bays covered with forest. Hamsilos Bay is 11 kilometers from the city.

Habitats present:
Littoral XX
Sublittoral XX
Seagrass bedsX

Description of fauna and flora:

Many studies are available on the marine biota of the Black Sea coasts of Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. Consequently, it can be said that the Black Sea has a rich fauna, but little information is available on the marine biota of the Turkish coasts. In 1987, the species which live at the upper-infralittoral of the Akliman and Hamsaroz Bays located in the Sinop province of the West Black Sea region were studied by Öztürk. Since then several more studies have been made of the invertebrates and algae of the Sinop Coast.

Human impact:

There is no industrial pollution, mining, dumping or dredging, and potentially harmful agricultural runoff is negligible due to strict legislation. In the last decade, the local population in Sinop has been about 25,000; however the population increases up to 60,000 in summer. Seine netting is the form of commercial fishing used in the area.


The area is accessible by bus. The distance from the site to the Sinop Fisheries Faculty is only 2 km. Facilities for SCUBA diving are available. Several fully qualified operators offer all facilities: dive-boats, equipment, compressors, and local knowledge of dive-sites.

Available database and website:

Records of marine species belonging to several taxa from the neigbouring regions are incorporated in EXCEL data sheets and/or ACCESS databases. No website is available for the site.


Commitment and ongoing research:

The Sinop Fisheries faculty has an agreed science plan and specifically allocated budget for biodiversity work on Hamsilos Bay, Sinop. Hamsilos Bay has government protection.