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Flag of Belgium
              Candidate Reference Site

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Synoptic description of site:

The area is characterized by a diverse geomorphology (sandbanks and swales) and sedimentology (soft-sediments) and influenced by the nearby Schelde estuary, drastically increasing the sediments' mud content.


Habitat description:

Because of the diverse bathymetry and hydrodynamics, a large variety of benthic soft-bottom habitats is present in the area (muddy to coarse sands).


Nearby research facilities (e.g. fully equiped laboratories) are available at the University of Gent (Marine Biology Section) and the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ). Two research vessels RV Belgica (Belgian government) and RV Zeeleeuw (Flemish government) are active mainly on the Belgian Continental Plate. The area is within easy reach from three Belgian coastal harbours (max. 2 h sailing).

Available database and website:

information (theses, reports, and publications resulting from several former and running projects) on seabirds, meio-, macro-, hyper-, and epibenthos is available from several stations.

Additional Information:

A map of the proposed area and an extensive list of references are available as hard copies.