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Island Zmeiniy
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Flag of Ukraine
              Candidate Primary Site

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Synoptic description of site:

The only rocky island on the North-Western shelf of Black sea, unique with biological point of viewing. In coastal zone the specific benthic associations have been formed. Key point of fishes and birds migratory ways.


Habitat description:

Represented ground biocenosis of stony, rocky, shall and sandy soils. The biocenosis of stony soils looking like such of South Crimea coast and Caucasus.

Pristiness: Low


On island an antiaircraft defence base is situated, so it wasn’t the right of admission here till last time. As a result, the biocenosis of coastal zone preserved practically in primodial appearance and relatively little explored.


On IBSS base will be create the biological station «Zmeiniy Island». In aim to research sea biocenosis of Island planed expeditions (3 or 4 in year) on IBSS or leased vessels.

Available database and website:

Species variety (on incomplete data): macrophites - 13, phitoplankton - 18, zooplankton 29, mejobenthos - 12, macrozoobenthos - 42, pisces - 18 species. Information: Zaitsev Yu, 1998. The most blue in the world.- N.Y., GEF, BSEP.- 142 p [in Russian] Zaitsev Yu. et al., 1999 The biology of Coastal Waters of the Zmeiniy (Snake) Island (Black Sea)// Nation. Akad. Sciences of Ukraine Reports. – 8. – P.111– 4 [in Russian]

Additional Information:

According to Ukraine President Decree ?1341 from 9.12.1998, Zmeiniy Island with adjoining aquatorium declared as zoological reserve. The Legal reserve functioning bases determined by Ukraine Laws «About Environment protection», «About natural-protected Ukraine fund».