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Tiligulsky estuary
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Flag of Ukraine
              Candidate Reference Site

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Synoptic description of site:

Total area 160 km2. Average salinity 2-12 . The last habitat of brown algae Cystosira barbata biocoenosis in the north-west Black Sea shelf, were this community was common before eutrophication (beginning of 70-s)


Habitat description:

Represented unique for north-western shelf biocenosis of brown algae Cystosira barbata, Rad Data Book species like Upogebia pusilla, Hemimysis anomala, Hemimysis serrata. Typical habitat Zostera mud in the shore zone, sandy-shells and silt soils.


About 2-3 expeditions by car per year for research of biodiversity by OB IBSS specialists.

Available database and website:

On incomplete data, the species variety only for phytoplankton - 80 species, zooplankton - 37 species, seaweeds - 43 species, macrozoobenthos - 64 species, fishes- 49 species.

Additional Information:

Alexey Zapevalin of the same institute also suggested the NW region of the Black Sea in a separate proposal. To be protected as nesting place for waterfowl (regional park)