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Grigorievsky estuary
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Flag of Ukraine
              Candidate Reference Site

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Extensive description of site:

Total area 8 km2. Average salinity 15 . Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis in this place have the maximal growth in the Black Sea region. There are some seaweed biocenosis, for example green algae Ulva regida. Seagrass Zostera marina has maximal size (more than 1,5 m length). At the same time one of the biggest port "Yuzhny" is located in this estuary.


Habitat description:

Silt bottom. Main biocenosis are Mytilus galloprovincials and Zostera marina.


About 3 expeditions by scientific vessel and minibus of OB IBSS.

Available database and website:

On incomplete data, the species variety only for phytoplankton - 166 species, zooplankton - 36 species, seaweeds - 56 species, macrozoobenthos - 48 species, fishes- 32 species.

Additional Information:

Alexey Zapevalin of the same institute also suggested the NW region of the Black Sea in a separate proposal.