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Slupsk Bank
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Flag of Poland
              Candidate Reference Site

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Synoptic description of site:

A sandy and/or gravelly bank lied along the coast and at a distance of several Mm from the Polish coast


Habitat description:

Sublittoral/hydrolittoral peat bottoms, inner coastal (shallow) waters, hard clay bottoms, sandy bottom of the photic/aphotic zone, sublittoral sandy bottoms with/without macrophyte vegetation, hydrolittoral sandbanks, sublittoral mussel beds, sandy spit, sandy beaches


IO UG Marine Station in Hel, laboratories of [..] UG, Center for Marine Biology PAS, Sea Fishery Institute and Institute of Oceanology PAS, rv Oceanograf 2

Available database and website:

Information on local marine biodiversity available from the manuscripts by Center for Marine Biology PAS, Gdynia, Poland