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Flag of Poland
              Candidate Reference Site

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Synoptic description of site:

Shallow enclosed bay of the Baltic Sea at the German-Polish border


Habitat description:

Shallow bay (max. depth 5 m) at the Southern Baltic Sea with low salinity (0.5-approx. 2 ppt), bottom consists mostly of mud (70%), sand (10%) and mussel beds formed by Dreissena polymorpha (20%). Reed at some parts of the shoreline.


Greifswald university ship (MS Bornhoeft), accessibility via Ueckermuende harbour. Moreover the GKSS research centre Geesthacht (near Hamburg, Germany) operates two posts and a platform in the lagoon, measuring many parameters continuously (e.g. water temperature, turbidity, currents, wind speed and direction etc). These data are available online. Laboratories at Greifswald University (Zoology, Botany, Geography, Chemistry) could be used to carry out research.

Available database and website:

Comprehensive research projects have been carried out in the last years, covering mostly macrozoobenthos. Information is also available for the Polish part of the lagoon from colleagues in Szczecin /Poland.

Dataset covering this area:

Additional Information:

European :part of it is planned to be a FFH area