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Beadnell to Craster, Northumberland Coast
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              Candidate Reference Site

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Synoptic description of site:

A 10km coastal strip of alternate sandy bays and rocky reefs consisting of a range of geological types representative of the wider coastline. It includes one of the very few sheltered bays (St Mary’s Haven) on the north east coast.


Habitat description:

Sediment ranging from coarse sand to mud; whinstone, limestone, sandstone and shale south easterly-sloping reefs; mixed whinstone/limestone boulders; rockpools; kelp forests; [saltmarsh; brackish water].


Laboratory facilities at the Dove Marine Laboratory (University of Newcastle) (access, bench fees etc. by negotiation with Head of Department of Marine Sciences and Coastal Management) (;Library resources at the University of Newcastle(membership access) (; On-site base at National Trust Office, Newton-by-the-Sea (access by negotiation with National Trust Regional Manager); Local launching/boat facilities (by arrangement);

Available database and website:

Scattered published and unpublished papers, reports and anecdotal information, which are listed in: Foster-Smith, J. (2000) The marine fauna and flora of the Cullercoats District: marine species records for the north east coast of England. Vols. 1&2. Sunderland, Penshaw Press. (Relevant references can be given on request). Intertidal biotope maps available from the SeaMap Reseasrch Group (University of Newcastle).