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Buckton & Bempton Cliffs
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United kingdom
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Synoptic description of site:

Hard chalk cliffs with flint north of Flamborough Head; steep and rugged providing shelter for seabirds - one of the largest breeding colony in the UK.


Habitat description:

Cliffs with seabirds (ganets, razorbills, puffins..); caves; very narrow intertidal area; sublittoral flint pebbles; circalittoral rock with brittle stars and hydroids.


RSPB Visitors Centre. The University of Hull, Scarborough Centre for Coastal Studies (associated to Institute for Esturarine and Coastal Studies Hull): Research programmes with staff; Laboratory base with aquaria & controlled conditions; Teaching/Dissemination facilities & activities; lecture rooms, teaching labs; Library/Data series; Accomodation; Easy access to marine environment,SCUBA diving; Inclusion in national/international networks.

Available database and website:

English Nature, Environment Agency, MNCR surveys, Natural History Museum, Universities, Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries, JNCC, Scientific Societies NGOs (RSPB) - Information in Marine Conservation Review, JNCC Coastal Directories (EC Bio-Mar Life Programmes).

Additional Information:

RSPB reserve