Site details

North of the East Frisian Island of Norderney
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Flag of Germany
              Candidate Reference Site

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Synoptic description of site:

depth between 10-20m, fine sands, high hydrodynamics


Habitat description:

Fabulina fabula community

Pristiness: Low


The area is only poorly fished. Hydrodynamic is an important factor in the area. Makes it very interesting according to sea level pressure etc. Our long-term series reflects nicely effects of climate e.g. increasing hydrodynamics on the macrofauna


We will continue to sample the area continuously. Beside our own taxonomic expertise, taxonomic background from Senckenberg Institute in Frankfurt and in future by the new Senckenberg branch “German Centre for Marine Biodiversity”, located here in Wilhelmshaven, is available.

Available database and website:

Several older and recent papers on the long-term variability of macrofauna abundance, species number and biomass for each quarter from 1978 until today are available