Quality Assurance

Quality Steering Group


The Quality Steering Group (QSG) plays a key role in:

  • Assessing the approach adopted by the QA work package
  • Reviewing the MARBEF QA Framework
  • Providing QA advice in response to enquiries from MARBEF participants

The QSG will report to the MARBEF Executive Committee. Membership of the group shall comprise:

  • The QA work package leader (Chair)
  • Members of the QA work package team
  • QA advisors (specialists from within the network)

Current membership is as follows:

  • Keith Cooper (work package leader)
  • Hubert Rees

Advice will be sought from QSG members as issues arise.

QSG Meetings

The group will meet annually at the MARBEF General Assembly Meeting.

Meetings will, generally follow a pre-set agenda:

  • Review of the MARBEF QA Framework
  • Review of QA issues that have arisen during past 12 months
  • Any other business

The QA work package leader will, as a precursor to the meeting, produce and disseminate a summary of the quality issues that arose during the preceding year. The summary will be issued to QSG members two weeks prior to the meeting.

Minutes of the meetings will be taken and, following endorsement by the QSG members, posted on this webpage.

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