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Register of Resources (RoR)

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Prof. Sneli, Jon Arne

Institute  Top | Institute | Publications | Project | Dataset 
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology; Department of Biology, more
    Function: Associate Professor

    Direct contact at institute:
    Tel.: +47-(0)735-915 86

Taxonomic term: Mollusca [WoRMS]

Project  Top | Institute | Publications | Project | Dataset 
  • A register of marine species in Europe to facilitate marine biodiversity research and management, more

Dataset  Top | Institute | Publications | Project | Dataset 
  • Trondheimsfjord benthos monitoring, more

Publications (24)  Top | Institute | Publications | Project | Dataset 
    ( 19 peer reviewed ) split up
  • Brattegard, T.; Sneli, J.-A.; Christiansen, M.E. (Ed.) Marine invertebrates of Scandinavia.
  • Peer reviewed article Davenport, J.; Berggren, M.S.; Brattegard, T.; Brattenborg, N.; Burrows, M.T.; Jenkins, S.; McGrath, D.; MacNamara, R.; Sneli, J.-A.; Walker, G.; Wilson, S. (2005). Doses of darkness control latitudinal differences in breeding date in the barnacle Semibalanus balanoides. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K. 85(1): 59-63
  • Gulliksen, B.; Palerud, R.; Brattegard, T.; Sneli, J.-A. (1999). Distribution of marine benthic macro-organisms at Svalbard (including Bear Island) and Jan Mayen. Utred. DN 1999(4): 148, more
  • Peer reviewed article Høisaeter, T.; Sneli, J.-A.; Schander , C.; Rapp, H.T.; Berggren, M. (2011). Xandarovula patula (Gastropoda: Ovulidae) new to Scandinavia. Marine Biodiversity Records 4: e58.
  • Peer reviewed article Järnegren, J.; Schander, C.; Sneli, J.-A.; Ronningen, V.; Young, C.M. (2007). Four genes, morphology and ecology: distinguishing a new species of Acesta (Mollusca; Bivalvia) from the Gulf of Mexico. Mar. Biol. (Berl.) 152(1): 43-55.
  • Peer reviewed article Santhakumaran, L.N.; Sneli, J.-A. (1984). Studies on the marine fouling and wood-boring organisms of the Trondheimsfjord (western Norway). Gunneria, 48. Det Kgl. Norske Videnskabers Selskab, Museet: Trondheim. ISBN 82-7126-370-6. 36 pp.
  • Peer reviewed article Santhakumaran, L.N.; Sneli, J.-A.; Sundnes, G. (1984). The larvae of Halocladius (Halocladius) variabilis (Diptera: Chironomidae) from the fouling assemblages on wooden test panels submerged in Trondheimsfjorden, Norway. Sarsia 69(3-4): 155-158
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A. (1968). The intertidal distribution of polychaetes and molluscs on a muddy shore in Nord-Möre, Norway. Sarsia 31(1): 63-68.
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A. (1968). The Lithothamnion community in Nord-Möre, Norway with notes on the epifauna of Desmarestia viridis (Müller). Sarsia 31(1): 69-74.
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A. (1970). Archaeogastropoda from Hardangerfjorden, western Norway. Sarsia 42(1): 63-72.
  • Sneli, J.-A. (1972). Distribution of Balanus improvisus along the Norwegian coast. Rhizocrinus - Occasional papers 7(1): 1-6
  • Sneli, J.-A. (1972). Odostomia turrita found on Homarus gammarus. Nautilus (Antwerp.) 86(1): 23
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A. (1979). Prosobranchia from Sognefjorden, western Norway. Sarsia 64(4): 259-267.
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A. (1981). Kråkebollen Cidaris cidaris i Norge = Records of Cidaris cidaris (Echinoidea) in Norway. Fauna (Oslo) 34(3): 123-125
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A. (1985). Sjøbusken Paramuricea placomus i Trondheimfjorden = Paramuricea placomus in Trondheimsfjorden. Fauna (Oslo) 38: 117-119
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A. (1998). A simple benthic sledge for shallow and deep-sea sampling. Sarsia 83: 69-72
  • Sneli, J.-A.; Schiøtte, T.; Jensen, K.R.; Wikander, P.B.; Stokland, Ø.; Sørensen, J.; Bloch, D. (2005). The marine Mollusca of the Faroes. Annales Societatis Scientarum Faeroensis Supplementum, 42. Føroya Fródskaparfelag: Tórshavn. ISBN 99918-41-42-3. 190 pp.
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A.; Bakken, T. (2017). New records of the rare gastropods Erato voluta and Simnia patula, and first record of Simnia hiscocki from Norway. Fauna Norvegica 37: 20-24.
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A.; Gulliksen, B., Bjørn (1975). Tethyum sociabile Gunnerus, 1765 (Tunicata, Ascidiacea): Proposed suppression under the plenary powers. Bull. Zool. Nomencl. 32(2): 127-128
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A.; Gulliksen, B. (1975). Ascidia singularis Gunnerus, 1770 and Distomus mamillaris Pallas, 1774: proposed suppression; Polycarpa Heller, 1877 (Tunicata, Ascidiacea) proposed type-species designation under the plenary powers Z.N.(S.) 2088. Bull. Zool. Nomencl. 32(3): 158-160
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A.; Samuelsen, T.J. (1998). Cryptopsaras couesi Gill, 1883, a deep-sea fish new to Norwegian waters. Sarsia 83: 73-74
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A.; Steinnes, A. (1975). Marine Mollusca of Jan Mayen Island. Astarte 8(1): 7-16
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A.; Stokland, Ø. (1986). On the taxonomical status of Tritonium viridulum Fabricius, 1780 (Gastropoda: Cancellariidae). The Nautilus 100(4): 121-124
  • Peer reviewed article Sneli, J.-A.; Van Marion, P. (1979). Nye strandsnegler i norsk fauna = New records of Littorina from Norway. Fauna (Oslo) 32(1): 4-8

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