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Description: A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network (EU FP6 Network of Excellence)
Added on: 22 januari 2007 13:01:45
Hits: 1956

Biogeosciences new journal  
Description: Launch of a new open access journal of the European Geosciences Union: Biogeosciences (BG)
Added on: 30 april 2004 17:11:53
Hits: 1586

Description: A BIOlogical Traits Information Catalogue, a new on-line searchable marine biological traits resource.
Added on: 19 januari 2007 12:05:34
Hits: 1877

Cold-water Coral Reefs: Out of Sight - No Longer Out of Mind  
Description: This report presents comprehensive and up-to-date information and data on marine cold-water coral reefs from around the world.
Added on: 29 juni 2004 11:46:58
Hits: 1630

Description: Coral-List: NOAA's Coral Health and Monitoring Program listserver for coral reef research and news. To read more and become member of their mailing-list.
Added on: 09 april 2004 12:34:49
Hits: 2236

ECOMARG project  
Description: Study of the continental margin ecosystem and the impact of its fisheries. One of their main zones of interest is the Le Danois Bank, probably the main hotspot of biodiversity in the continental margin of the Iberian Peninsula.
Added on: 07 februari 2006 12:35:35
Hits: 1475

EU Information Society Technologies programme - IST news  
Description: News page from the EU Information Society Technologies programme -
Added on: 03 november 2005 16:26:27
Hits: 1714

Description: EurOcean -European Centre for information on marine science and technology
Added on: 14 november 2005 12:44:12
Hits: 1729

ID guide to Marine Bivalve Shells of the British Isles  
Description: This web product aims to deliver: An identification aid to all bivalves found in waters around the British Isles, including those found in the EEZs of the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands. The bathymetric coverage is from the intertidal to the abyss (5000m). An identification aid to all bivalves listed in Smith & Heppell including those not yet recorded from the British Isles but living in close proximity. Where available both juvenile and adult stages are illustrated. An interactive key.
Added on: 21 juni 2010 14:36:45
Hits: 1457

Description: KennaEcoDiving exists as a not-for-profit association of divers, of vastly varying levels and experience. Everyone simply sharing the same desire to give back to the sea, our playground, some of their dive time to help monitor the oceans` flora and fauna.
Added on: 12 december 2005 11:43:37
Hits: 1722

Description: Long-Term Ecosystem Research and Monitoring in Europe (LTER-Europe).
Added on: 18 januari 2007 14:43:12
Hits: 1416

MARBEF Deep Sea and Open Ocean Reference Sites web page  
Description: This site has been used for the MARBEF “Deep Sea Open Ocean References Sites” selection.
Added on: 05 juli 2004 15:19:21
Hits: 1575

Marine plankton data from SAHFOS  
Description: Marine plankton data from SAHFOS are available directly or can be reached through the SAHFOS web site at
Added on: 09 april 2004 12:36:14
Hits: 1539

Marine zoological samples  
Description: To study marine zoological samples at the National Museum of Natural History Naturalis at Leiden.
Added on: 09 april 2004 12:11:04
Hits: 1828 database resources for Marine Ecological Genomix  
Description: provides specialized databases and tools for genome-wide analysis of marine bacteria and metagenomics.
Added on: 26 oktober 2005 10:41:43
Hits: 1612

Overview on Marie Curie fellowships  
Description: On the link you can find an update of my overview on Marie Curie fellowships in the 6th EC Framework Programme.
Added on: 09 april 2004 12:08:32
Hits: 1944

Social science issues  
Description: To Marbef members interested in social science issues related to marine biodiversity: The Centre for Maritime Research (MARE) is an interdisciplinary social-science institute studying the use and management of marine resources.
Through the University of Amsterdam Press it is publishing the MARE Pubication Series. The first volume in these series: 'Challenging Coasts' will be released March 24, 16.00 at MARE, Plantage Muidergracht 4, Amsterdam
Added on: 09 april 2004 12:31:57
Hits: 1584