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Register of Resources (RoR)

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Prof. Serrão Santos, Ricardo

Institutes (3)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
  • University of the Azores; Department of Oceanography and Fisheries (DOP), more
  • Function: Director
    Direct contact at institute:
    Tel.: +351-(0)292-20 04 07
    Fax: +351-(0)292-20 04 11
  • University of the Azores (UAC), more
  • Function: Dean
  • Institute of Marine Research (IMAR), more

Projects (34)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
  • Advanced system integration for managing the coordinated operation of robotic ocean vehicles, more
  • Benefits of marine protected areas: testing the theory with field experiments, more
  • Biodiversity, biogeography and bioaccumulation in mesopelagic fishes of the North Atlantic: a study for Luso-American co-operation, more
  • Biogeography and biodiversity of hydrothermal vents and cold seeps: an international cooperative study, more
  • Causes and consequences of changing marine biodiversity a fish and fisheries perspective, more
  • Climatic effects on the ecology of littoral fishes: A geographic and phenological approach, more
  • Coastal marine habitats, thematic mapping of the seabed using GIS, AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) & ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicles), more
  • Creating a long term infrastructure for marine biodiversity research in the European Economic Area and the Newly Associated States, more
  • Deep-sea & Extreme Environments, Patterns of Species and Ecosystem Time Series, more
  • Deep-sea hydrothermal vents: a natural pollution laboratory, more
  • Development of a Miniaturized Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Habitat Mapping, more
  • Ecology and conservation of the temporally segregated populations of the Madeiran storm petrel Oceanodroma castro breeding in the Azores, more
  • Ecology and population structure of bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales in the Azores: assessing the relationship with habitat features, more
  • Effects of Marine Reserves: Bio-telemetry in the Azores, more
  • ELectronic conference on MARine Biodiversity in Europe, more
  • European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System
  • European marine protected areas as tools for fisheries management and conservation, more
  • Extreme ecosystem studies in the deep ocean: technological developments, more
  • Functioning of FOOD WEbs across ecosystems of different BIOdiversity level, more
  • Implementation and networking of large-scale long-term marine biodiversity research in Europe, more
  • Integrated management of coastal and marine areas in the Azores, more
  • Integrated management of coastal and marine zones in the Azores
  • Integration of different methods to study patterns and changes in pelagic biodiversity in the open ocean along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, more
  • Knowledge, promotion and valorisation for a sustainable use of marine protected areas in Macaronesia, more
  • Location and characterisation of hydrothermal vents of the AMAR segment, more
  • Management of marine protected areas in Macaronesia (Azores, Canaries and Madeira), more
  • Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning - EU Network of Excellence, more
  • Marine Propagation Along the Coasts of Europe, more
  • Monitoring deep sea floor hydrothermal environments on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: A Marie Curie Research Training Network, more
  • Neuro-ethology and behavioural endocrinology of the polymorphic male sexual behaviour of the rock-pool Azorean blenny Parablennius sanguinolentus parvicornis (Pisces: Blenniidae), more
  • OceAnic Seamounts: an Integrated Study, more
  • Paternity and alopaternity in territorial fishes: behavioural and genetic studies, more
  • Seafloor and sub-seafloor hydrothermal modelling in the Azores sea, more
  • Study on the potencial of “perna-longa” Himantopus himantopus as bio-indicator of mercury contamination by mercury in wetlands, more

Datasets (10)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
  • CLIPE, more
  • IMAR/DOP-UAz Underwater macroalgae and invertebrate surveys
  • Lagoon of Santo Cristo, more
  • Limpets, more
  • MARE, more
  • Mercury data in selected species from the Azores, more
  • Rock-pool fishes, more
  • Sandy-Beach fishes, more
  • Seabirds, more
  • Species Inventory, more

Publications (100)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
A1 Publications (57) [show]
Peer reviewed publications (15) [show]
Books (12) [show]
Book chapters (3) [show]
Abstracts (3) [show]
Other publications (9) [show]
Thesis supervised as (co-)promotor [show]

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