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Register of Resources (RoR)

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Brusca, R.C.; Moore, W.; Shuster, S.M. (2016). Invertebrates. Third edition. Sinauer Associates, Inc.: Sunderland, USA. ISBN 9781605353753. 1104 pp.
Related to:
Brusca, R.C.; Brusca, G.J. (1990). Invertebrates. Sinauer Associates: Sunderland. ISBN 0-87893-098-1. 922 pp., more

Available in  Authors 
    VLIZ: Invertebrate Biology [103452]

    Biogeny > Phylogeny
    Organisms > Eukaryotes > Animals > Invertebrates > Arthropods > Crustacea
    Organisms > Eukaryotes > Animals > Invertebrates > Cnidaria
    Organisms > Eukaryotes > Animals > Invertebrates > Ctenophora
    Organisms > Eukaryotes > Animals > Invertebrates > Nematoda
    Annelida [WoRMS]; Arthropoda [WoRMS]; Brachiopoda [WoRMS]; Bryozoa [WoRMS]; Cephalochordata [WoRMS]; Chaetognatha [WoRMS]; Chelicerata [WoRMS]; Chordata [WoRMS]; Cycliophora [WoRMS]; Deuterostomia; Echinodermata [WoRMS]; Entoprocta [WoRMS]; Gastrotricha [WoRMS]; Gnathostomulida [WoRMS]; Hemichordata [WoRMS]; Hexapoda [WoRMS]; Kinorhyncha [WoRMS]; Loricifera [WoRMS]; Mollusca [WoRMS]; Myriapoda [WoRMS]; [WoRMS]; Nemertea [WoRMS]; Orthonectida [WoRMS]; Phoronida [WoRMS]; Placozoa [WoRMS]; Platyhelminthes [WoRMS]; Porifera [WoRMS]; Priapulida [WoRMS]; [WoRMS]; Rhombozoa [WoRMS]; Rotifera [WoRMS]; Tardigrada [WoRMS]; Tunicata [WoRMS]; Xenacoelomorpha [WoRMS]

Authors  Top 
  • Brusca, R.C.
  • Moore, W.
  • Shuster, S.M.
  • Haver, N., illustrator

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