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Welcome to the MarBEF site

Saeftinghe: one of Europe's largest saltmarshes in the Westerschelde.Not public
Flamborough Headland.Not public
3 PP cave, counting deep-sea hexactinellid sponge Oopsacas minuta.Not public
Trémies Cave, dark zone, with highly diverse fauna of encrusting invertebrates.Not public
Dublin Bay looking across the lighthouse on Howth HeadNot public

MarBEF, a network of excellence funded by the European Union and consisting of 94 European marine institutes, was a platform to integrate and disseminate knowledge and expertise on marine biodiversity, with links to researchers, industry, stakeholders and the general public. On the network description pages you will find more detailed information of MarBEF. The project has ended in 2009
The general co-ordinator was Carlo Heip, Director of NIOO-CEME & Royal NIOZ

  EMBC – Call for research lines open until 1 February 2012
Posted on 23 January 2012 16:32:20 (8143 reads)
We are happy to inform you that also for this year there is a possibility to collaborate in the Erasmus Mundus Master programme on Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC) through thesis work.

  Proposal for a Doctoral School in “Marine Environmental Sciences’
Posted on 19 October 2009 14:42:05 (10109 reads)
The EMBC is inviting people to participate in a workshop on the establishment of a doctoral school in 'Marine environmental sciences', held November 23rd in Ghent, Belgium

  Applications for the EMBC academic year 2010-2011 are open!
Posted on 15 October 2009 16:23:15 (9560 reads)
From 10 October 2009 onwards students can apply on the EMBC website ( for becoming one of the next group of starting students within this international Master program.

  World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, Aberdeen, September 2011
Posted on 30 September 2009 15:32:29 (11482 reads)
The first World Conference on Marine Biodiversity held in Valencia last year was a great success. The conference highlighted the value of gathering researchers and stakeholders concerned with the marine environment together to assess our current state of knowledge and to synthesise new approaches to researching and protecting our oceans. Building on the success of the Valencia conference, the Second World Conference on Marine Biodiversity will be held in Aberdeen, Scotland (26th-30 Sept, 2011).


  MarBEF's 100 page synopsis of five year research on Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning published
Posted on 17 July 2009 11:36:04 (9772 reads)
We would like to inform you that the MarBEF book which illustrates just a few of the highlights over the last five years of MarBEF is now available as a pdf on our website. Download MarBEF booklet (7MB).


  Last call for MarBEF funding of European students enrolling in the EMBC Master course
Posted on 09 April 2009 14:54:41 (9920 reads)
MarBEF institutes can at the end of the MarBEF NoE award a study grant to a European student enrolling the Erasmus Mundus Master Course Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC). This course is considered as one of the outcomes of the MarBEF network.

  Marine Biodiversity WIKI goes live
Posted on 05 January 2009 14:48:34 (10761 reads)
Under the banner of MarBEF (Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning) we are launching a Marine Biodiversity Wiki

  A plea for the Protection of Marine Biodiversity (Valencia Declaration)
Posted on 18 November 2008 15:53:15 (10996 reads)
Over 500 scientists, engaged in research relevant to marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and ocean management, gathered in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, Spain at the World Congress of Marine Biodiversity, November 2008 and ratified the Valencia Declaration on the Protection of Marine Biodiversity.

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