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Budget overview

RMP budget

Download overview RMP budgets [new version September 2007].

General budget

In the first 18 months each partner's share is at least 23,750 €.
  • This money can only be used for travel and subsistence connected to the (agreed or endorsed) MarBEF activities, and once an audit (500 €).
  • The money can not be used for personnel, equipment, consumables etc.
  • In case the money is not fully used the remainder will be pooled for redistribution by the SSC on activities in the next 3.5 years.
For the other activities, primarily falling within the next 3.5 years, the partner's share is on an average 101,444-23,750 = 77,694 €. It was agreed that individual partners set aside:
  • 2,000 € for the financial audit (4 times 500 €)
  • 17,000 € for general activities (within the next 3.5 years) of the network (travel and subsistence, local organization of events, training courses, etc.) and for attending GA meetings
  • 32,000 € to support (within the next 3.5 years) the partner's scientific contribution to the strategic core programme (SCP) and responsive mode proposals (RMP)
  • 26,694 € (for the total of 5 years) for input into programme key actions, events and courses (i. e., infrastructural and integrative activities) to be decided by the SSC. Based on the experience of the first months, and the commitments made, a major part of this share will be used for training courses and key actions other than projects - a small amount might be used for projects (SCPs and RMPs)

Rules for participation in Strategic Core Programme (SCP) and Responsive Mode Proposals (RMP)

  • Money for participation in a SCP or a RMP can be allocated to different costs items (such as post-docs, PhD students, travel, consumables, workshop, invitation of external experts), yet expenditures have to serve primarily the integration, and thereby equipment is mostly a non-eligible costing.
  • Each partner institute has access to 1 budget unit of 32,000 €, and part of the budget unit of 26,700 €.
  • Therefore, each Party can allocate in the first call (deadline 15 August 2004) maximally 40,000 € to be used in SCP and RMP proposals (you are thus allowed to allocate the 32,000 €, and also already 8,000 € of the 26,700 € share, to one or several projects)
  • This can be divided over more than one project
  • After an unsuccessful project submission there is a chance for a group to join other funded projects (in the first or a second call).
  • Projects do not have to be within one theme but can cross themes
  • The SCP and RMP project leaders have to discuss with the partners the financial input and come to a formal agreement on how the funds will be spent
  • Once a project has been selected and approved the Parties can not withdraw freely from the project.
  • If you cannot justify your expenditure or if funds remain, the money shall be put back in the general pool for redistribution by the SSC.

Although the number of proposals that you may support has no formal limit, the number of funded proposals will of course be limited. One consequence of joint projects is that post-docs or PhD students will have to be jointly sponsored by different participants which requires a clear agreement on their labour conditions and supervision.

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