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Register of Resources (RoR)

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Understanding benthic, pelagic and air-borne ecosystem interactions in shallow coastal seas

Original title: Interacties tussen het benthische en pelagische ecosysteem in ondiepe kustzones en de effecten op de avifauna
Parent project: Science for a Sustainable Development
Reference no: SD/BN/01A; 1042
Period: December 2006 till January 2011
Status: Completed

Thesaurus terms: Biodiversity; Birds (marine); Marine ecology; Marine invertebrates
Taxonomic terms: Abra alba (W. Wood, 1802) [WoRMS]; Alca torda Linnaeus, 1758 [WoRMS]; Gyrodactylus von Nordmann, 1832 [WoRMS]; Lanice conchilega (Pallas, 1766) [WoRMS]; Melanitta nigra (Linnaeus, 1758) [WoRMS]; Mysella bidentata (Montagu, 1803) [WoRMS]; Nephtys hombergii Savigny in Lamarck, 1818 [WoRMS]; Podiceps cristatus (Linnaeus, 1758) [WoRMS]; Pomatoschistus minutus (Pallas, 1770) [WoRMS]; Solea solea (Linnaeus, 1758) [WoRMS]; Sterna hirundo Linnaeus, 1758 [WoRMS]; Sterna sandvicensis Latham, 1787 [WoRMS]; [WoRMS]
Geographical term: ANE, Belgium, Belgian Coast [Marine Regions]
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Institutes (7)  Top | Publications | Event | Datasets 
  • Ghent University; Faculty of Sciences; Biology Department; Marine Biology Section (MARBIOL), more, co-ordinator
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Department of Biology; Systematics and Ecology of Animals Section; Laboratory of Animal Diversity and Systematics, partner
    • Volckaert, Filip, promotor
    • Huyse, Tine, researcher
    • Cuveliers, Els, researcher
    • Larmuseau, Maarten, researcher
  • Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee; NIOZ Yerseke, more, partner
  • Flemish Government; Policy Domain Environment; Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO), more, partner
    • Kuijken, Eckhart, partner
    • Stienen, Eric, researcher
    • Courtens, Wouter, researcher
    • Van de walle, Marc
  • Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences; Operational Direction Natural Environment; Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models (BMM), more, partner
    • Scory, Serge, data manager
    • Devolder, Mia, data manager
    • Van den Eynde, Dries, researcher
  • Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), more, partner
  • Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO), more, sponsor
    • Cox, David

The research project WestBanks builds on the expertise and knowledge about the structural and functional characteristics of the higher trophic levels (benthos, fish and birds) obtained in the recent years within the ‘Biodiversity-North Sea’ research networks financed by PPS Science Policy, Belgium. WestBanks will focus on the interactions between sediment, water and air at the ecosystem, species and population level. In order to maximize the integration of our results, we target a single area of the Belgian Continental Shelf (BCS), the Western Coastal Banks area which is an important foraging area for seabirds; the area is also an important fishing and nursery ground for flatfish while the sediment in the area harbours a rich macrobenthic community. The structural characteristics of all size classes of the benthos of the area are very well known
The WestBanks proposal is divided over 4 work packages :

  1. Benthic-pelagic coupling,
  2. The role of dispersal for benthic organisms and demersal fish,
  3. Air-sea biotic coupling and
  4. Coordination, data management and valorization.

Event  Top | Institutes | Publications | Datasets 
  • WestBanks kick-off meeting

Datasets (3)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Event 
  • Benthic diversity and ecosystem functioning: experiments February 2007/2008 - Westbanks, more
  • Benthic diversity and ecosystem functioning: experiments September 2007/ June 2008 - Westbanks, more
  • Benthic diversity and ecosystem functioning: fieldwork - Westbanks, more

Publications (3)  Top | Institutes | Event | Datasets 
  • Larmuseau, M.H.D. et al. (2009). To see in different seas: spatial variation in the rhodopsin gene of the sand goby (Pomatoschistus minutus), in: Larmuseau, M.H.D. Sea (in)sight: from phylogeographical insights to visual local adaptation in marine gobies = (In)zicht op zee: van fylogeografische inzichten naar visuele lokale adaptatie bij mariene grondels. pp. 115-141
  • Larmuseau, M.H.D. et al. (2009). To see in different seas: spatial variation in the rhodopsin gene of the sand goby (Pomatoschistus minutus). Mol. Ecol. 18(20): 4227-4239.
  • Vanaverbeke, J. et al. (2009). Understanding benthic, pelagic and airborne ecosystem interactions in shallow coastal seas. "Westbanks": Final Report Phase 1. Belgian Science Policy: Brussel. 46 pp.

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